Operation Phoenix Complete: The Formation of a Powerhouse in Esports

Operation Phoenix Complete: The Formation of a Powerhouse in Esports

5. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

On January 4, Ibai unveiled the culmination of Operation Phoenix, a groundbreaking fusion involving esports giants Movistar Riders, MAD Lions, and KOI. This collaborative venture aims to dominate not only national but also international tournaments in various esports disciplines.

League of Legends: A New Era of Competition


Superliga: Movistar KOI

Female Team: MAD Lions KOI


Valorant: Setting New Standards

VCT: Movistar KOI

Gamechangers: MAD Lions KOI

Expanding Horizons: Counter-Strike 2 and Pokémon

CS2 Team: Movistar KOI

Pokémon Team: Movistar KOI

The Pokémon Team: A Leap Forward in Esports

The most anticipated revelation, apart from the LEC team, was the composition of the Pokémon team, featuring notable players like Riopaser and PokeAlex. This move signifies a significant boost for a sport gaining popularity, especially following the Twitch Cup of Pokémon.

Content Creation: A Blend of Talent and Innovation

Movistar KOI will feature a diverse array of 12 content creators, covering games like League of Legends and Valorant, and collaborating with various brands. Notable names include:

  • LoL: Reven, Kuentin, Knekro
  • Valorant: Black, Sergio Ferra, Karchez
  • Content Creators: Ander, Pandarina, Suj, Perxitaa, PauSenpai

The Genesis of a Gaming Titan: MAD Lions, Movistar Riders, and KOI Unite

With the launch of this ambitious project by MAD Lions, KOI, and Movistar Riders, the esports world is set to witness a new powerhouse. The real test now lies in their ability to capitalize on this synergy and achieve the ultimate goal set by Ibai: winning a prestigious title in the esports arena.