Only one Spanish-speaking streamer in YouTube’s top 10 most viewed streamers list

Only one Spanish-speaking streamer in YouTube’s top 10 most viewed streamers list

5. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Vegetta777 is the only Spanish-speaking streamer who has been able to enter the list of the ten most watched streamers on YouTube during March.

Every month we know which Twitch channels have more viewers, followers, or subscribers. This ranking shows that Spanish is usually well-represented, and there are always Spanish-speaking accounts among the most viewed of the month.

However, the influence of the Hispanic community is not as strong and significant on YouTube Gaming as it is on Twitch. This fact was demonstrated when we saw that only one Spanish-speaking channel could be among the top 10 most viewed channels during March.

According to the data published by Streams Charts, in this ranking, only appears Vegetta777’s channel, which can also boast of being the only European in the list.

We can say that thanks to some streamers, the Spanish-speaking community has a strong presence on Twitch; among those content creators are:

  • AuronPlay
  • Ibai Llanos
  • Rivers
  • IlloJuan

A presence that is less evident on YouTube Gaming. The Spanish-speaking representation on this platform has been considerably reduced; this, as a consequence, directly affects the people who are most noticed.

However, despite the low representation, one Spanish streamer entered the top 10 most-viewed channels last month. Vegetta777 is the only Spanish-speaking content creator to enter a list dominated by Brazilian and heavily populated by Americans and Indonesians.

Vegetta777, one of YouTube Gaming’s most popular streamers

Samuel de Luque, better known as Vegetta777, ranked sixth among all the most popular streamers on this platform during March, according to Esports Charts.

The Spanish streamer would have been close to achieving the 5th position, but his more than two million hours of views were insufficient. In the published list, we can see in the first positions the following streamers:

  • Kuzuha Channel
  • Windah Basudara
  • Marsha Ozawa
  • TimTheTatman

There are four nationalities among the top five streamers, and none is from the European continent; Vegetta777 is the only representation.

Behind the Spaniard would be the following streamers:

  • Ilyas elmaliki
  • IShoowSpeed
  • DrDisrespect
  • usadapekora

With Vegetta777’s hard and constant work, he has proven to be among the most influential people in YouTube Gaming. The Spaniard has been able to surpass great streamers such as DrDisrespect and IShoowSpeed, who have a large number of followers.

Vegetta777 is the only Spanish-speaking and European content creator in Twitch’s biggest competition, although Kick is currently doing everything to position itself as the best streaming platform.