Only 0.3% of CS:GO players managed to get a Diamond Coin at the last Major

Only 0.3% of CS:GO players managed to get a Diamond Coin at the last Major

24. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Undoubtedly the Blast Paris Major was a tournament full of surprises; this was demonstrated when only 0.3% of the players managed to get a Diamond Coin.

Diamond Coins are earned by CS:GO players in their picks. Unfortunately, in this last CS:GO tournament, very few people managed to get the results right.

Diamond Coin at the Paris Major of CS:GO

For many CS:GO fans, making their picks before the start of a Major season is very important. With the picks, the game’s fans can discuss the results of the tournaments.

For CS:GO players, it is very important to make their tournament predictions because if they get the results right, Valve’s game rewards them with coins. The coins that CS:GO fans receive can be bronze, silver, gold, or diamond. The quality of the coins depends on the correctness of the predictions; the closer to the results, the better the coins.

The percentage of diamond coins indicates how predictable a Major has been; the more people get Diamond coins, the fewer surprises there are in the tournament.

The small amount of Diamond coins achieved in the Paris Major shows that very few people expect such results. Undoubtedly, this last Major was quite unpredictable.

However, this is not the CS:GO tournament, where players receive the least Diamond coins. For example, at IEM Rio in 2022, only 0.1% of players managed to get Diamond coins. While the tournament where the most players got Diamond coins was at PGL Stockholm in 2021; in that tournament, players managed to get 57%.


Very few Diamond Coins in the last CS:GO Major

As we mentioned before, only a few players managed to get the Diamond Coins; thus revealing the large number of surprises that took place in Paris a few days ago.

In the legends phase, many users who made their picks saw how the diamond coins became unreachable. Remember that some teams that arrived as the favorites in that tournament phase were eliminated. Among those eliminated was Ence. NaVi, G2, and Fury.

Many CS:GO fans were betting these teams would advance in the tournament. However, other teams like GamerLegion and Apeks were the big revelation of the Major. Very few people expected those teams to get the positions they did in this tournament.

Most people expected both Heroic and Team Liquid to be the stopper for these teams. However, the only team that managed to stop them was Team Vitality. As a result, Apeks was defeated by Vitality in the semifinals and GamerLegion in the grand final.

Those players who got Diamond Coins are likely very proud of their predictions.