OG’s Ceb on Wisper and the Young Team: “He’s Like a South American ana”

OG’s Ceb on Wisper and the Young Team: “He’s Like a South American ana”

2. May 2024 by Never

In a recent interview at ESL One Birmingham 2024, OG’s captain, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, provided insights into the young talent comprising the team’s roster. Ceb highlighted the unique strengths and potential of each player, shedding light on their individual contributions to the team’s development and success.

Timado: The Talented Newcomer

Enzo “Timado” Gianoli, the newest addition to the OG roster, was praised for his exceptional talent and intelligence. Ceb emphasized Timado’s adaptability and communicative skills, describing him as a valuable asset to build strategies around, particularly notable for a carry player.

Ari: Instinctive and Niche

Matthew “Ari” Walker was recognized for his instinctive gameplay and specialized skill set, which Ceb referred to as “niche.” Ari’s versatility and adaptability make him an invaluable teammate, capable of excelling in varied roles and strategies.

Wisper: The South American prodigy

Adrián “Wisper” Dobles drew comparisons to former teammate Anathan “ana” Pham, known for his exceptional raw skill and quiet demeanor. Ceb likened Wisper’s potential and playing style to that of ana, highlighting his South American roots as a distinguishing factor.

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bzm: The Midlane Maestro

Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov was lauded as the best midlaner globally by Ceb. According to him, bzm embodies excellence in his role, consistently delivering outstanding performances and fulfilling the team’s needs with precision.

Despite OG’s fluctuating performance throughout the season, including notable victories over formidable opponents like Team Falcons and setbacks in certain qualifiers, Ceb expressed satisfaction with the team’s progress. He emphasized the untapped potential within the roster and the room for further growth and improvement.

OG Eyes Direct Invite to Riyadh Masters 2024 Amidst Strong ESL Pro Tour Performance

As OG maintains its position in the top eight of the ESL Pro Tour (EPT) standings, the team aims to secure a direct invite to the upcoming Riyadh Masters 2024. Although not currently scheduled for events in the near future, OG remains focused on refining their gameplay and harnessing the talents of their young and promising lineup.