OG’s Drastic Roster Changes: A New Era Begins

OG’s Drastic Roster Changes: A New Era Begins

12. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The world of Dota 2 is buzzing with excitement as The International 2023 gears up to begin. Yet, amidst this fervor, OG, one of the most beloved teams, is undergoing a massive overhaul, having missed out on this grand event for the first time since its inception in 2015.

Big Moves: DM and Taiga Exit OG

On the 12th of October, tweets from OG’s official account brought to light the release of both DM and Taiga, marking the end of their contracts with the esteemed organization. This move didn’t come as a shock to many, given that both had already been shifted to the inactive roster after a season that could be described as lukewarm at best for OG.

Taiga’s journey with OG was a roller-coaster ride. From his position being surrounded by rumors, to an unexpected hiatus which disrupted the team’s performance during the DPC’s Summer Tour. Despite these setbacks, he managed to find a temporary haven with Wildcard Gaming during the North American TI12 Qualifiers, although they only secured the fourth position.

On the other hand, DM’s time on the bench began on September 14, following OG’s disappointing performance in the TI12 WEU Qualifiers, which marked the end of their tumultuous season.


DreamLeague Participation & Beyond

With DreamLeague Season 21 underway, OG had to make swift decisions. They brought in MinD_ContRoL as a stand-in offlaner. Accompanied by Yuragi, bzm, Kitrak, and Ceb, who returned from retirement, they hoped to recapture their past glory. The exit of DM and Taiga, who were already inactive, has left the team with Yuragi, bzm, Kitrak, and Ceb as the core. With MinD_ContRoL moving to join forces with Team SMG in Seattle, it is evident that OG is on the verge of a new chapter.


Speculations & The Road Ahead

Though OG’s recent decisions suggest the end of the post-n0tail experiment initiated in 2021, there are a few silver linings. The potential of Yuragi and bzm, should they remain, cannot be overlooked. Kitrak’s commendable performance with Ceb on Old G might also solidify his position for the TI qualifiers.

Yet, fans are left pondering the future of Ceb, the heart of OG. Will he continue to grace the battlefield, or has he embarked on his “last ride” with the team? Only time will tell. But one thing’s certain: the Dota 2 community will be keeping a close watch, especially as TI12 concludes on October 29, ushering in a new season of roster shuffles and exciting opportunities.

New Beginning

For those deeply vested in the world of Dota2 esports, this period of transformation within OG is both an end and a beginning. As one chapter closes, another unfolds. Fans and enthusiasts should keep an eager eye on OG’s announcements and moves post-TI12. The next season promises thrilling matches, unexpected collaborations, and the sheer unpredictability that keeps the world of esports alive and thriving.