Ocelot Gaming and Estral to boost esports in Mexico

Ocelot Gaming and Estral to boost esports in Mexico

8. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

Ocelot becomes an oficial sponsor of Estral Esports, one of the Mexican teams with the greatest presence and renown in Mexico and in eSports. With this union, Ocelot will provide its monitors and products to Estral’s members in order to offer the best experience, performance and quality, in addition to creating, both organizations, content for their audience.

Ocelot Gaming is a brand incubated within Grupo CVA, one of the largest technology wholesalers in Mexico. Created in 2019, Ocelot began marketing in 2020, after a successful stage of exploration of the gaming world, in 2023 it became part of Grupo CVA, seeking to reach the top in Mexico.

In its catalog, the line of Ocelot Gaming Monitors are perfectly suited to the needs of professional gamers Estral as they have 144hz speed, 1-2 ms response and have display port input. In addition to the line of monitors, Estral also offers a wide range of gamer products, with everything needed to build the ideal setup that both professional gamers and content creators need.

On the other hand, Estral Esports is a Mexican team with participation and domination in multiple national and international leagues. Since its founding in 2019, it has not ceased to reap sporting and corporate success, aspiring to reach the League of Legends World Cup. Currently, the team is ready for their next match where they will fight for their place in the Riot games League of Legends LLA Grand Final, which will take place in Chile on April 14.

We are very happy with this new alliance in the category of monitors and we are sure that we will launch together a very interesting content for both audiences, both Estral and Ocelot are Mexican companies and both have been doing a very good role since its founding.

Jerry Gonzalez, CEO of Estral Esports

Ocelot offers the best experience for all gamers, from casual and informal to professional and veterans. The ideal ally to get to know the performance and quality of our products, no doubt is Estral Esports.

Lucy Vera CEO of Ocelot