NRG Announces Return to Apex Legends with Former Stars

NRG Announces Return to Apex Legends with Former Stars

31. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

NRG, one of the pioneering organizations in Apex Legends, has announced its return to the North American competitive league after a hiatus of over six months. The organization has picked up a highly regarded free agent roster in preparation for the Split Two regular season.

NRG’s New Roster Announcement

On May 30, NRG’s official X (formerly Twitter) account revealed the new roster, comprising Brandon “oh Nocturnal” Singer, Ryan “Reptar” Boyd, and Brandon “FunFPS” Groombridge, with coach Haris “hodsic” Hodzic.

Notably, Nocturnal, Fun, and hodsic were part of the XSET roster that missed out on the Split One Playoffs. Joining the team is analyst Sovereign, further bolstering the organization.

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Roster Composition and Background

  • Brandon “oh Nocturnal” Singer: Known for his leadership and strategic acumen.
  • Ryan “Reptar” Boyd: Renowned for his mechanical skill and consistency.
  • Brandon “FunFPS” Groombridge: A key player with a reputation for clutch performances.
  • Haris “hodsic” Hodzic: Experienced coach with a deep understanding of the game.
  • Sovereign: Analyst with a strong track record of success.

Despite their recent struggles with XSET, Nocturnal and FunFPS have a history of success, including winning the 2023 Split Two NA Pro League title and qualifying for five consecutive LAN events since 2022.

NRG’s Competitive History and Departure

NRG’s previous Apex Legends roster achieved significant success in 2023, securing second place in the Split One Playoffs, 11th in the Split Two Playoffs, and 15th in the Championship. However, the organization disbanded its Apex Legends division on September 23, 2023, citing a lack of support from EA and Pro League teams.

Reason for Departure

Jaime, NRG’s Chief Gaming Officer, explained that the lack of support from EA led to their decision to exit the competitive scene. This issue was widespread, causing multiple organizations to leave Apex Legends globally.

NRG return to Apex underlines impact of Esports World Cup participation
byu/tom_esportsgg inCompetitiveApex

EA’s Response and New Incentives

In response to the concerns raised by organizations, Respawn and EA introduced the Year Four partnered teams initiative, which includes financial stipends for partners, media training, expanded team booths, and the ability to host official community-licensed tournaments. This initiative has attracted organizations back to the game, including Cloud9 and Spacestation Gaming.

Esports World Cup Incentives

The upcoming Esports World Cup, featuring a two-million-dollar prize pool for Apex Legends, has further incentivized organizations to acquire current free agents or rosters. The now-NRG roster, previously known as Ex-SET, secured a spot in the NA qualifiers for the event on May 25 before their acquisition by NRG.

XSET Nocturnal and FunFPS ALGS 2023 Championship

Upcoming Competitions

The new NRG roster will debut in Split Two on June 1, facing Group B under the new POI draft system rule set. They will also participate in the Riyadh LAN at the Esports World Cup, scheduled from July 31 to August 4.

Final Toughts

NRG’s return to Apex Legends marks a significant moment in the competitive scene, bringing back experienced players and a skilled coaching staff. With the new incentives from EA and the high stakes of the Esports World Cup, the team is poised for a strong performance in the upcoming season.

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