NRG is surprised by international LAN rookies

NRG is surprised by international LAN rookies

14. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Esports tournaments always have surprises to offer fans, and VALORANT Champions has been no different. At the VALORANT Champions being held in Los Angeles, LAN’s international rookies ended NRG’s surprising streak.

Undoubtedly it has been a match worth watching; nobody expected that the great dominance shown by NRG would end against this team. Since the beginning of the tournament, the Chinese teams have shown that they deserve to compete in Los Angeles. These teams have earned the right to be in one of the most important VALORANT tournaments competing against the best.

BiliBili Gaming ends NRG’s winning streak

Some teams participating in the VALORANT Champions have become the favorites. For example, many people expected Edward Gaming to win their match against the Giants, which is what happened in the match. However, no one expected BiliBili Gaming, a newcomer to the World LANs, to end NRG’s streak.

Recall that NRG had managed to build a winning streak in rematches. This streak ended against BiliBili Gaming in the VALORANT Champions group stage. Only a small group of VALORANT teams have managed to beat NRG, among them LOUD. This team has beaten them twice in the last seasons, the first time in the League of the Americas and the second in the LOCK//IN tournament in Brazil.

As seen in the match, the NRG players were overconfident that they would beat the guys from BiliBili Gaming. However, nobody should be confident in this kind of tournament because there is no weak team. Let’s remember that in an interview before NRG’s match against BiliBili Gaming, NRG’s duelist, Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks commented the following:

“BiliBili Gaming is going home. I am one hundred percent sure. I promise you it will be like this.”

Excellent performance by BiliBili Gaming

All BiliBili Gaming players have shown their full potential. This squad managed to whitewash them 2-0 again, which was unfortunate for the NA representatives. Ardiis was unable to keep the promise to his team and fans. Wang “Whzy” Haozhe, BLG duelist, especially outperformed ardiis. whzy got ACS of 313 and 45 kills on both maps, while ardiis only got ACS of 176 and 24 kills.

On the other hand, we have the excellent performance of Lei “yosemite” Wang, another great star of BiliBili. This player came in second place with 41 kills and completed crucial plays to make his team win the match.

Now, with NRG’s loss, the VCT 2023 season is over for the team. However, we will likely see them in action in all the VALORANT competitions Riot Games has planned for the OFF//SEASON.

Meanwhile, BiliBili joins the other Chinese team EDG for the Champions playoff round, where they will face off against DRX.