nitr0’s Return to VALORANT: A New Chapter with M80

nitr0’s Return to VALORANT: A New Chapter with M80

5. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

American esports superstar Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella is making headlines again in the competitive gaming world. After a notable journey through CS:GO and CS2, nitr0 is set to re-enter the VALORANT scene in 2024, signing with the ambitious team M80. This move marks a significant shift in his career and the competitive landscape of VALORANT.

A Star-Studded Roster for M80

M80, narrowly missing a spot in the VCT Americas last season, is gearing up for a powerful comeback. The team’s roster now includes former XSET/Evil Geniuses member Brendan “BcJ” Jensen, and the returning head coach, Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer, a former CS Major winner.

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The lineup is further strengthened by Gianfranco “koalanoob” Potesti, Marc-Andre “NiSMO” Tayar, and Alexander “Zander” Dituri, all key players from the previous year. This blend of experience and skill sets a promising stage for M80 in the upcoming competitions.

nitr0’s Illustrious Career and Future Prospects

nitr0’s journey is marked by significant milestones, including leading the 100 Thieves roster to victory at First Strike and a semifinal appearance at Masters Berlin in 2021.

His brief return to CS and Team Liquid in early 2022, although not as successful as his VALORANT stint, showcased his versatility and commitment to esports.

With the upcoming NA Challengers, M80’s newly fortified roster, boasting nitr0’s leadership and experience, stands as a formidable contender for the Ascension in 2024.

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nitr0’s Big Move: Switching CS2 to VALORANT Again

nitr0’s shift back to VALORANT with M80 is more than a team change; it symbolizes the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of esports careers. His proven track record and the potential of M80’s roster create a riveting narrative for fans and a promising prospect for the team in the upcoming NA Challengers and beyond.