Nitr0 returns to VALORANT competitive scene

Nitr0 returns to VALORANT competitive scene

15. September 2023 by miranda angeles

It was recently announced that Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, a famous American esports star, is returning to the VALORANT competitive scene. Nitr0’s return to VALORANT comes from M80, the popular second-division team.

Without a doubt, M80 had an excellent inaugural season in VALORANT’s second division. This team showed great potential, even though they lost the opportunity to become a franchise after losing to The Guard. Now, according to information revealed by VALORANT journalist Max Katz on his X/Twitter account, M80 is already preparing for next season. The journalist has revealed that M80’s first addition is Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella.

nitr0’s career as a professional esports player

Recall that nitr0 originally played with the 100 Thieves squad before leaving VALORANT in 2021. That same year, nitr0 returned to play CS:GO, where he stayed for a few seasons. However, nitr0 has also left the professional CS:GO scene since May of this year. Since then, the player has remained practically inactive in esports until his new signing is known.

Undoubtedly, nitr0 is a player with great experience in esports. This player is well known for his achievements alongside Team Liquid from 2016 to 2019 in the CS:GO squad. During that period, nitr0 won different tournaments, including Intel Extreme Masters XIV held in Chicago.

Then nitr0 announced his retirement from the professional CS:GO scene to join 100 Thieves’ VALORANT squad in 2020. During his stint with 100T, nitr0 mainly focused on playing as smoke. For his part, one of the most epic moments in the VALORANT pro scene was against cNed, one of the best Duelists in the world, at the Berlin Master in 2021. In that matchup, 100T lost 12-7 on the last map. However, they managed to come back. It was arguably one of the highlights of VALORANT’s playing career, as he returned to CS:GO esports with Team Liquid shortly after.

Under his prowess in different esports, nitr0 received the nickname Captain America after his return to Team Liquid and when they finished in second place at the BLAST Premier World Final of CS:GO held in 2022. The American star later stated that he would consider his options for the future after leaving CS:GO esports.

Nitr0 returns to the VALORANT competitive scene

Now, after knowing this information, it seems that Nitr0 is returning to the VALORANT pro scene for the second time. This time, he will do it in the second division. With this new signing from M80, the team hopes to reach all in tier two during the next season.