NIP Welcomes r1nkle to CS:GO Roster

NIP Welcomes r1nkle to CS:GO Roster

3. April 2024 by Never

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) has announced the addition of Artem “r1nkle” Moroz to its CS2 roster, marking a significant move for the Swedish organization. With r1nkle stepping in as the team’s sniper, NIP inches closer to finalizing its revamped CS2 lineup for 2024.

R1nkle’s Background

At just 19 years old, r1nkle brings a wealth of talent and potential to the NIP squad. Hailing from Ukraine, he arrives from B8, where he spent three years honing his skills. Renowned for his prowess with the AWP, r1nkle caught the attention of the CS2 community with impressive performances and notable statistics.

Notable Achievements

R1nkle’s peak performance came during the RMR of the Paris Major in 2023, where his team narrowly missed out on securing a spot, facing tough competition in Cloud9. His exceptional abilities with the AWP, coupled with impressive statistics, make him a valuable asset to NIP’s roster.

Statistical Overview

According to HLTV, r1nkle boasts impressive statistics for 2024, including a 1.12 rating, 1.10 impact, and an average damage per round of 73.9. Despite his young age, r1nkle demonstrates maturity and consistency in his gameplay, making him a promising addition to NIP’s lineup.

Roster Restructuring

With r1nkle’s arrival, NIP nears completion of its CS2 roster overhaul for 2024. Following disappointments at RMR, the organization benched several players, including headtr1ck, es3tag, and k0nfig. With only one position left to fill, NIP looks poised for a fresh start under the leadership of coach Xizt.

Coach’s Perspective

Richard “Xizt” Landström, returning to NIP as coach, expresses confidence in r1nkle’s abilities, citing his keen understanding of the game despite his limited experience. Xizt acknowledges r1nkle’s potential as a young talent destined for greatness in the competitive CS2 scene.

New Era Dawns for NIP: r1nkle Joins CS2 Roster Amidst Roster Refinement

As NIP continues its roster refinement, the addition of r1nkle signals a new chapter for the organization. With a blend of seasoned veterans and promising newcomers, NIP aims to reclaim its competitive edge and make waves in the CS2 esports landscape.