NIP wants to swap es3tag for headtr1ck

NIP wants to swap es3tag for headtr1ck

5. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

NIP is said to be looking for a replacement for es3tag, according to recent rumours. This was announced by a Dexerto source recently. The Swedish organisation is said to be aiming for headtr1ck, a young Ukrainian currently playing for NAVI’s academy team.

The Ninjas in Pyjamas are working on yet another transfer. The Swedish organisation has been trying to build a competitive roster for years, to no avail. With the absence of dev1ce, NIP had also long been without a regular AWPer, which has not done their results in major tournaments any good.

But with the arrival of young AWPer headtr1ck, the Swedes finally seem intent on starting a new chapter. The Ukrainian rookie is mainly known from his time at NAVI Junior, the academy team of the famous organisation. He is sometimes compared to m0NESY, who recently won the BLAST Premier World Final with G2 Esports.

According to Dexerto’s source, NIP’s decision would be firm. The Ninjas just need to reach an agreement with NAVI. After b1t and m0NESY, headtr1ck would already be NAVI Junior’s third player to make the move to the top level.

Of course, the arrival of a new player also means the departure of another. The victim on duty is es3tag. The Danish support could never really convince with his results and may look for a new employer after just over a year with the Swedish organisation.

NIP still has some time to bring negotiations with NAVI to a successful conclusion. The new season of CS:GO does not start until February, with the latest edition of IEM Katowice.