Nintendo’s Stance on Steve: A Blow to Smash Esports Freedom

Nintendo’s Stance on Steve: A Blow to Smash Esports Freedom

16. March 2024 by Never

Nintendo’s latest move in the realm of esports has left the Smash community in an uproar, as the gaming giant asserts its authority by forbidding certain tournaments from banning the contentious character, Steve.

Steve’s Controversial Presence

Since his introduction to the Smash universe, Steve from Minecraft has stirred considerable controversy within the competitive scene. His unorthodox gameplay and a string of discovered glitches have irked both casual players and seasoned pros alike. Despite widespread frustration,

Nintendo’s recent decree reveals a staunch opposition to Steve’s exclusion from tournament play.

Nintendo’s Decree and Tournament Fallout

The revelation of Nintendo’s stance came as a shock to many, especially after several tournaments had already opted to ban Steve due to player outcry and legitimate concerns over gameplay integrity. Notably,

The CoinBox series, helmed by Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma, has frequently excluded Steve from its events, with the character reportedly being banned in three out of four tournaments each month.

Uncertain Future for Tournament Bans

Hungrybox’s comments suggest a grim outlook for those hoping to see Steve banned from future tournaments. With Nintendo seemingly unwavering in its position, the Smash community faces an uncertain future where Steve may continue to wreak havoc on competitive brackets.

HungryBox states that tournaments with a Nintendo license can NOT Ban Steve
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While some tournaments maintain bans on Steve for now, concerns linger over the potential resurgence of the character in sanctioned events. This has led to a shift in dynamics, with players adapting to the absence of Steve while expressing discontent over the rise of other dominant characters, such as Sonic.

Nintendo’s Troubling History in Esports

Nintendo’s recent actions regarding Steve’s inclusion in tournaments underscore a broader pattern of restrictive behavior within the esports sphere. From reluctance to address netcode issues to imposing stringent regulations on tournament organizers, Nintendo’s approach has drawn criticism and skepticism from the Smash community.


Nintendo’s Controversial Stance on Steve in Tournaments Sparks Debate in the Smash Community

Nintendo’s decision to prevent tournaments from banning Steve marks yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of friction between the gaming giant and the Smash community. As players and organizers grapple with the implications of Nintendo’s authority

The future of competitive Smash hangs in the balance, with uncertainty clouding the path forward.