Ninja Announces He is Cancer-Free

Ninja Announces He is Cancer-Free

6. April 2024 by Never

Popular Fortnite creator, Ninja, shared some uplifting news today as he revealed that he is officially cancer-free. This remarkable update comes just one week after the streamer disclosed that he had received a melanoma diagnosis.

Gratitude Expressed

Taking to Twitter to express his gratitude, Ninja thanked his followers for their support during this challenging time.

Overcoming a Serious Disease

Skin cancer is an incredibly serious and frightening illness, particularly given Ninja’s young age of 32. The news of his diagnosis undoubtedly sent shockwaves through his fanbase.

Swift Action and Positive Outcome

Last week, Ninja revealed on Twitter that a concerning mole had been discovered on his foot and had been confirmed as cancerous. However, he also expressed gratitude for the prompt detection, which allowed for swift medical intervention.

Encouraging Update

In his recent tweet, Ninja shared the encouraging news from his dermatologist, stating that the excision procedure was successful with clear margins. Additionally, a nearby lesion that was biopsied showed only mild atypia and was entirely removed during the biopsy process. As a result, Ninja can proudly declare himself cancer-free.

Expressing Thanks

Ninja concluded his update with heartfelt appreciation for the prayers and kind words he received from his fans throughout the past week.

Looking Ahead: Wishing Ninja Health and Success in the Future

As Ninja moves forward from this challenging experience, we can only hope for his continued good health and a future free from any further complications.