NICKMERCS Operator Pack withdrawn from Modern Warfare 2

NICKMERCS Operator Pack withdrawn from Modern Warfare 2

9. June 2023 by miranda angeles

After a strong controversy on Twitter, the NICKMERCS Operator Pack is removed from Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Apparently, this pack will not return for a long time.

The NICKMERCS bundle has already been removed from Modern Warfare 2

Yesterday the NICKMERCS MFAM operator pack was removed from Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. The game developers removed the NICKMERCS pack after the famous streamer posted a Tweet. The publication of NICKMERCS generated huge controversy and a lot of criticism from the gaming community.

The CoD developers quietly removed the NICKMERCS pack yesterday; however, the community was later informed that the pack was no longer available.

The official CoD Twitter account has posted that, due to recent events, the bundle of the famous streamer is leaving the store. They further state that the CoD team is focused on celebrating PRIDE with all their employees and the gaming community.

NICKMERCS’ controversial comment

On June 7, a video of anti-LGBTB protesters attacking a group of pro-LGBT protesters outside a school meeting was posted on Twitter. A vote was taking place at the school board to recognize June as Pride Month. Former CoD player Chris Puckett said they should let people live and love freely.

NICKMERCS, in response to Puckett’s post, commented that they should really leave little kids alone. The streamer argues that that is the real problem.

NICKMERCS’ comment was heavily criticized and has received negative feedback from the community. Consequently, the streamer was forced to explain his position with his commentary. NICKMERCS assures that it was not an anti-gay tweet and that his intention at no time was to anger anyone.

In a live broadcast, NICKMERCS comments that if people inferred his comment was anti-gay, they were completely wrong. He commented that they are very wrong to think that; furthermore, he assures that he agrees to disagree, but if people think that I hate them for being a certain way, they are wrong.

NICKMERCS’ response does not calm the community’s discomfort

NICKMERCS’ response on the live stream has done nothing to calm the upset over his first comment. While some people support him, many others are outraged by his comments. People who are disappointed with the streamer comment that acceptance is fundamental at any age.

Because the CoD developers have removed the NICKMERCS pack, the responses have been very diverse. However, most people who have already purchased the package are very concerned because they do not know what will happen. Players who already bought it will likely get their money back if they remove it completely from the game.