Next VALORANT Masters to be held in Madrid

Next VALORANT Masters to be held in Madrid

24. August 2023 by miranda angeles

It has recently been reported that Madrid’s Spanish capital will host the next VALORANT Masters.

VALORANT Masters in Madrid

Riot Games has officially confirmed that the venue for its big international VALORANT event will be on Spanish soil. And the lucky city is Madrid, which will host the VALORANT Masters for the first time.

The LCS EU Summer Split finals and the quarterfinals and semifinals of the LoL Worlds have been just some of the Riot Games events that have previously taken place in the Spanish city. However, such an important VALORANT tournament has not been held to date.

It is important to highlight that several Spanish teams will be fighting to qualify for this international tournament and be able to represent their country. KOI, Heretics, and Giants will fight to be the country’s representatives in the most important VALORANT event in the world. On the other hand, players like Fit1nho, Koldamenta, or Mixwell, great Spanish VALORANT legends, could also be part of this important tournament.

What is the VALORANT Masters?

The best teams of this Riot Games shooter compete in the international tournament known as VALORANT Masters. This important tournament is held twice yearly, coinciding with the two splits held in each region. In 2024, Shanghai and Madrid are the chosen destinations to celebrate one of the biggest championships of Riot Games’ shooters.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that within the VALORANT Masters structure, different local, regional, and global tournaments are played. It is a highly competitive calendar, where only the best teams advance to the on-site tournaments’ final phase.

Since the game’s creation, five VALORANT Masters have already been held, and one more is due to take place later this year. The seventh VALORANT Masters will be held in the city of Madrid. It is important to note that FNATIC, the winner of the VALORANT Masters in Tokyo, is the current VALORANT World Champion.

When will the VALORANT Masters be held in Madrid?

The VALORANT Masters came to the Spanish capital in 2024. Regional qualifying competitions will start at the beginning of next season. These two-week competitions will result in eight qualifiers for the final event in Madrid. The exact format and date of the event are not yet known, but information will be provided as the day approaches.

This year, 2023, the VALORANT Masters finals were held in Tokyo in mid-June. The success of this tournament was impressive, with more than 200 channels broadcasting live in 25 different languages, showing all the love for this game. In total, more than one million viewers followed the tournament around the world.

Madrid as the capital of video games

It is not the first time the Spanish capital has hosted an important event related to esports or video games. In addition to the Riot mentioned above Games, Madrid has successfully held several events related to this world, such as Gamergy, which attracts up to 70,000 attendees, or Madrid Games Week, which attracted more than 130,000 visitors.