News about the new EA SPORTS FC

News about the new EA SPORTS FC

30. March 2023 by miranda angeles

After almost 30 years, the partnership between EA Sports and FIFA has ended, so the game developer must change the name of the beloved FIFA saga. In 2024, virtual soccer lovers will be able to enjoy EA SPORTS FC; with a new name, fans of the game are anxious to know what’s new.

With so much excitement about EA SPORTS FC, the leakers have done their job and revealed the news that will arrive with the game’s launch.

What’s new about the new EA SPORTS FC

Dynamic Packs

Thanks to the leakers, the most recent information known about the new EA Sports title is that it will include dynamic packs. As a result, game users will have a better chance of getting players of exceptional levels thanks to these new packs.

As we mentioned, the developer must change the game’s name; however, it has been confirmed that the Career and Ultimate Team game modes will still be present in the new version. In addition, there are rumors that there will be a female version of Ultimate Team.

Thanks to information revealed by Twitter leaker FIFA FUTZone, it is known that thanks to the new pack model, players have more chances to get better cards if they already have a special player in a previous pack.

With each player opening more packs, the chances of getting unique cards will increase. The leaker has revealed that, in each of the packs, only 5% get special level cards; however, after a player opens fifteen packs and does not get any unique player, the probability will no longer be 5%, but it will be much higher.

In addition, in the new version of the title, players will have the opportunity to see the increased probability of getting better rewards before opening an envelope.

Including the dynamic packs will give a very favorable turn for all game lovers. By increasing the chance of better rewards, more players will want to complete this challenge.

In the current version of the game, players can open hundreds of packs and never get a special card; since the probability of an incredible reward is always the same.

If the information given by the leaker is true, this could be one of the biggest changes in the game.

Other new features

Another feature of the new title is that the game’s career mode will be much more similar to Football Manager. In addition, the system will allow users to manage several teams simultaneously.

On the other hand, it is rumored that the game will have the presence of real clubs. However, this information has not been confirmed, so we do not know if the teams will be real or fantasy.

Another feature of the new game version is that cross-play will be an interesting novelty for all users with friends who want to play from different platforms.