The New Face of Jax in League of Legends: Hit or Miss?

The New Face of Jax in League of Legends: Hit or Miss?

5. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

A Look at Jax’s Past and Present

League of Legends, the popular MOBA game that has captivated millions, has undergone numerous transformations since its launch. The latest: the visual rework of Jax, one of the game’s most iconic and oldest champions. This renovation, included in patch 13.20, has sparked divided opinions among the community.

The Challenge of Modernizing a Classic

LoL’s aesthetics have drastically evolved over the years. This has led to a noticeable contrast between champions designed over a decade ago and recent characters, with a much more modern and elaborate design. Riot Games, aware of this disparity, has been working hard to update its oldest champions to align them with current standards. However, any change to a beloved and recognized character like Jax is undoubtedly challenging.

Details of Jax’s Redesign

The new Jax stands taller, and his animations have been entirely renewed. From a new way of walking to improved skill effects, to a total transformation of his splash arts and skins. There’s no doubt that the level of detail and the quality of the redesign are impressive.

But what about that unique essence that characterized Jax? His peculiar way of walking and that hunched posture that made him so distinctive are gone. Moreover, Jax now sports more realistic and threatening weapons, moving away from his classic lantern, which evoked more of an improvised streetlamp than a battle instrument.

Community Opinions: Between Nostalgia and Progress

The LoL community is split. On the one hand, many applaud Riot Games’ work and the champion’s modernization. On the other, some miss Jax’s classic essence, that nostalgic touch that made him unmistakable.

The Weight of the Story

It’s undeniable that Riot Games has done meticulous work with Jax’s visual rework. The quality and detail are undeniable. However, when renewing champions, it’s essential that the unique essence that makes them stand out isn’t lost in the process. Nostalgia runs deep, and although progress and modernization are necessary, it’s vital to respect and honor the history and tradition of each character.