New VALORANT progression system

New VALORANT progression system

9. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Riot Games has revamped the VALORANT progression system; thanks to them, players have a lot of new things to look forward to in the game.

Today we tell you everything you need to know about the game’s new progression system.

VALORANT’s new progression system

VALORANT players will see a new in-game quality-of-life update with the release of Episode 7, Act 1. Riot Games has made major changes to the progression system, including a free currency, better daily rewards, agent attachments, and contracts. The new episode will start as soon as the current Act 1 Night Market says goodbye on June 27.

Kingdom Credits, VALORANT’s new free currency

The new free currency that will debut in episode 7 is the Kingdom Credits; with this new currency, players can purchase different items in the game, both from Agents’ contracts and from the new Kingdom Credits store.

The icon of the new currency appears on a card with the letter “K,” which can be found in the upper right corner of the menu, right next to the Radianite points. It is important to note that, being a free currency, this currency cannot be used to purchase premium VALORANT items, such as skins or cosmetics. However, players can unlock items they could not in the previous battle pass.

New Agent Contracts

With the implementation of the new progression system in the game, agent contracts in episode 7 are “recruitment events.” The new progression system eliminates the tedious process necessary to unlock agents. VALORANT players can activate their agent contracts and obtain enough XP to advance their contracts to at least level five. In this way, they could access new or old agents.

However, in episode 7, all that will change. At the start of the next episode, agent contracts are automatically activated by event passes which will be free of charge. This means that players do not need to activate them manually.

According to the information revealed by the game developers, players will need to earn a specific amount of XP to unlock the new agent. These changes in VALORANT take effect when Agent 23 is released in the game. Players will have a few weeks to unlock new agents with XP. If the available period expires, users can opt for unlocking the agents with the new Kingdom Credits coins.

However, there will also be alternative ways to unlock new agents. For example, Xbox Game Pass subscribers retain immediate access to the new agents; players can pay 1,000 VP to access the new agent. Finally, VALORANT’s daily rewards will grant players XP and the new free Kingdom Credits currency. So, the more players play, the more XP and Kingdom Credits they accumulate.