New Starcraft Pro Day9 Game Announced

New Starcraft Pro Day9 Game Announced

17. April 2023 by miranda angeles

A new multiplayer strategy game designed to be played on PC is the game being developed by Sean “Day9” Plott’s studio. We can say that Day9 has extensive knowledge and experience in esports, especially in strategy multiplayer games.

New game studio of Sean “Day9” Plott

Day9 is a former Starcraft content creator and commentator who recently founded his gaming company. Plott is known as a Starcraft legend for all his contributions to the competitive Starcraft scene.

Day9 is currently focused on creating video games with his new studio. This was announced on his Twitter account, where Day9 announced the opening of his new studio.

According to the Tweet published by Day9, it has funding and is looking for programmers to develop the new multiplayer strategy game. According to Day9, a former Starcraft player, his desire to create this game style fits perfectly with his experience. In addition, it is important to comment that Day9 has experience in titles like Dota 2 and MOBA, even in card games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. So, as we can see, he is quite experienced in multiplayer strategy games.

Day9’s Game studio is looking for personnel to develop a new game

In Sean Plott’s post, he mentions the positions they have vacant at the moment. Currently, the studio is looking for an art director and a technical director.

With these two jobs, we can understand that the studio wants to hire managers to lead important divisions. However, something very interesting to see who joins the team, as Day9 has many contacts in the multiplayer RTS scene.

About Sean “Day9” Plott

Day9 has experience in video game production and the Starcraft community, which he lists in his impressive portfolio. He began working on the real-time strategy game Guardians of Atlas in 2013, right around the time he joined the Artillery studio, which was opening its doors. Then in 2016, in search of new opportunities, Day9 left the studio. So we can say that working on Guardians of Atlas and all the experience accumulated working in the studio will be of great use to his studio.

After Day9 announced the news, he received great support from the esports community. This shows that the industry loves him; moreover, the community holds Day9 in high esteem.

So everyone is looking forward to the new game Sean is working on. Undoubtedly, this new studio is expected to be very successful thanks to the reputation of its founder; for now, we have to wait to know more information about the game.