New LoL skins leaked

New LoL skins leaked

31. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Although the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is still a few weeks away, the League of Legends community is eager to know all the details about the tournament. So the leakers looking to give content to all game fans have revealed the skins that will supposedly come to LoL for the MSI 2023 in patch 13.9.

New Skins for LoL

The excitement surrounding the League of Legends World Tournament is growing even though it is still weeks away. This year’s MSI will be especially exciting as teams from each LoL region will be allowed to compete.

According to the information revealed by Riot Games, the MSI has a start date of May 2, and the tournament will be played in patch 13.9. In addition, in that patch, some skins will be released. Apparently, they will be the skins shown by LoL leakers.

The leaker responsible for making known to all fans of the game the skins that supposedly will arrive in patch 13.9 has been Big Bad Bear. According to the information revealed by Big Bad Bear, five new skins will arrive at LoL, and from the leaked images, we can think that they pretend to be completely extravagant.

According to the information revealed, these skins will match the Supreme Cells and the Bloody Moon theme. This line of skins debuted in the Savage Rift and has been very successful so far.

LoL Skin Lineup for this year’s MSI

As seen in the Big Bad Bear video, the champions chosen to have new skins are as follows:

  • Kai’Sa
  • Udyr
  • Master Yi
  • Volibear

Previously we commented that five skins would arrive at the game in the 13.9 patches, and there only seem to be four names in the list. Furthermore, there are many doubts regarding the fifth champion’s identity.

According to the theories of the game fans, it could be Shen or Yone; however, Shen has recently received a skin, so the great majority affirms that the great champion Yone is more likely to receive a new skin.

If the information revealed by Big Bad Bear is correct, this new line of skins could be one of the best this year. The mix of themes has caused a lot of excitement among the game’s fan community and the arrival of a line comparable to Blood Moon.

On the other hand, many people have stated that if Riot Games releases this line of skins, they will buy some of them. So it could translate as a great success for the game developers.

If patch 13.9 is released as planned, it will start playing on the test servers on April 18 and reach all servers on May 4.