New info about CS:GO 2 in latest Dota 2 patch

New info about CS:GO 2 in latest Dota 2 patch

7. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

The hype around CS:GO 2 is growing again after the latest Dota 2 patch accidentally revealed even more details. Through the Dota 2 update, a new leak has seemingly shown fresh hints of a Source 2 port of CS:GO amid a slew of speculation.

News about a Source 2 version of CSGO 2 has been growing over the past week. One of the first rumors surfaced when an NVIDIA driver update showed a “csgo2” app, leading speculation about a possible sequel or update for the now nearly decade-old game.

Everything points to Source 2

A report by Richard Lewis states that there is supposedly a beta version of Counter-Strike in Source 2 that you can already play. According to Lewis’ sources, several professional players have already tested the game at Valve headquarters, and a public version could go online as soon as a few weeks from now. More information about the port of CS:GO to Source 2 has now been discovered in a March 6 update to Dota 2.

Valve leaker Gabe Follower has discovered several clues in the game’s code at once that refer to CS:GO and its possible switch to the new engine. This data includes case keys, spray kits, maps, player models and even a new operation. The leak is quite believable because Dota 2 uses Source 2 as its engine and was also the first game developed with Valve’s innovative system.

What’s next for ESL & Co?

Two of the biggest CS:GO organisers were asked about Counter-Strike 2 but neither ESL nor BLAST had a clue, or at least they didn’t say anything if they did. For some denial might sound like confirmation ESL stated that they will continue to play Esport in CS:GO until it “makes sense to move to the announced Counter-Strike 2.” It’s still unclear how Valve would transition CS:GO to Source 2.

It’s pretty certain that the new title will be called Counter-Strike 2. What’s not so save is how Valve wants to port CS:GO to Source 2, it’s something that the community as theorized a lot about in the past. Some insiders seem to be sure that it’s not going to be a new game but just an upgrade to CS:GO. Those thoughts aren’t far fetched, as that’s exactly what Valve did with Dota 2. Allegedly CS2 will have 128 tick servers and the beta will be released this march. Hopefully there’ll be more info soon confirming Valve’s release of CS:GO 2. Then we can finally leave all the speculation behind and look forward to the release!