New Exciting Xbox Games Coming in December

New Exciting Xbox Games Coming in December

27. November 2023 by Never

A Week of Thrills for Xbox Gamers

As we approach the week of November 27 to December 1, Xbox is set to unleash a wave of exhilarating new game releases. Microsoft has curated a diverse selection of titles ranging from high-octane action to strategic masterpieces, offering something for every gamer.

Rollerdrome: A Futuristic Action-Shooter

  • Setting: The year 2030
  • Gameplay: Third-person shooter with high-energy combat and unique mechanics
  • Availability: Accessible on Game Pass from day one


Dune: Spice Wars – A Strategic Conquest

  • Universe: Based on Frank Herbert’s Dune
  • Game Type: Real-time strategy
  • Game Pass: Lead your faction on Arrakis, available on Game Pass


Forest Grove: A First-Person Mystery Adventure

  • Challenge: Discover clues, solve puzzles, and unravel a story
  • Appeal: A perfect pick for mystery lovers

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Gangs of Sherwood: Explosive Action in a Legendary World

  • Theme: A reimagined Robin Hood universe
  • Multiplayer: Up to four players
  • Gameplay: Play as heroes with unique powers in a mission to rob the rich


December Xbox Lineup: Diversity and Excitement for Gamers

This lineup for Xbox in December showcases Microsoft’s commitment to providing a diverse gaming experience. Whether you’re into fast-paced shooters, strategic gameplay, immersive mysteries, or explosive action, there’s something exciting waiting for you. Remember, Game Pass members get immediate access to titles like Rollerdrome and Dune: Spice Wars, enhancing your gaming journey.