New details on Riot Games’ Project L

New details on Riot Games’ Project L

31. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Since the last time we heard any details about Riot’s fighting game, Project L, a lot of time has passed. We are talking about a little over three months since an official video game announcement was made; apparently, we will have to wait for another detail from the developers. However, a few hours ago on Twitter, new details of Project L were revealed.

Thanks to the publication on the Twitter account GamerBee, the Taiwanese gamer, we have new details of the fighting game awaited by Riot fans.

New details of Riot Games’ Project L

GamerBee has posted on his Twitter account that he had received an invitation to attend Riot’s Project L banquet held in Japan. GamerBee claims that no one person was allowed to record; however, they would later be allowed to post what they heard at the banquet.

GamerBee claims that the game developers presented some details of a new project. Everyone who attended the event knows what stage the development of the new game is in, and they were even told how much time is left before a possible release. On the other hand, the price of the new game and the strategy to establish a competitive ecosystem were announced.

Project L

In the images shared by the Taiwanese player, it can be seen that Riot wants to break new ground with this new video game. The game developers want to introduce the fighting game to the next generation while keeping in mind the veteran players who love this genre.

Thanks to the latest report offered by Riot Games, it was possible to see gameplay of the fighting game, where the “Tag Team” fighting mechanics, which is 2v2, was shown for the first time.

Riot’s new project is very ambitious, as the game developers will include a lot of mechanics that can be experienced in the game. In addition, riot Games aims to help the game’s protagonist with assistance in both offense and defense.

However, GamerBee comments that experienced players in this genre should not worry as it will not be such an easy game. On the other hand, the Taiwanese player claims that there will be infinite character combinations as there will be more than 140 LoL characters and a 2v2 system.

According to GamerBee, Project L will be a free-to-play title in the Live Service genre. This means that similar to League of Legends or VALORANT, there will always be a single version of the game that will be updated through patches.

What the gameplay of Project L will be like

The Taiwanese player has also revealed information about the gameplay of Project L; he comments that he has seen that there will be three attack buttons. One button will be for a soft attack, one for a medium attack, and the last for a hard attack. These three buttons can be combined with the special ability buttons and the arrow keys, as in most games of this style.