New Apex tournament organized by NICKMERCS

New Apex tournament organized by NICKMERCS

5. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Soon all Apex Legends fans will be able to enjoy the best players in action. It has recently been announced that NICKMERCS is organizing a solo tournament for the best players in NA.

For his part, NICKMERCS has always been at the top of the Apex community. He has dedicated himself to supporting the casual and competitive scene in different tournaments, which has given Apex Esports alternative ways to experience the game.

Now, NICKMERCS has announced that it is organizing its most important tournament. If you want to know all the details, read on.

New tournament organized by NICKMERCS

The new tournament, organized by NICKMERCS, bears the name “The Gauntlet League.” It is a solo invitational league where participating players fight for a share of the prize pool. The tournament will feature the best Apex players in North America.

The Gauntlet League Tournament Details

The Gauntlet League will run from August 7 through August 28. This tournament features a $50K prize pool. Players can win weekly prizes, and in this final tournament, everyone is fighting for a share of $35K.

All tournament play will occur from 15:00 to 20:00 CT, Monday through Friday. It is important to note that the tournament will not restrict participants from broadcasting their POVs.

The Gauntlet League Format

In The Gauntlet League, all players will start with 1,000 points, which will increase or decrease based on players’ positional performance. Then the top 60 players from the regular phase advance to the tournament’s final phase. The teams will be drawn live on the NICKMERCS channel for the tournament’s final phase. On the other hand, the top 20 players on the leaderboard will receive a share of the $5K distributed each week.

It is important to note that the tournament organized by NICKMERCS only operates in North America and to participate, you must receive an invitation. Now, all participants in The Gauntlet League must meet three requirements.

  • Have previous or current experience in the ALGS Pro League, have finished in the top 20 of any Challengers Circuit Split, have earned the Apex Predator in Season 15, 16 or 17

If you are a player who meets all three requirements and has not received an invitation, you can apply to the tournament website.

Expansion of The Gauntlet League to Europe

It is important to mention that there may be some guests from EMEA in the tournament. These invitations aim to evaluate the interest of European players and plan a possible expansion of the tournament to that region.

Finally, if you are an Apex fan, don’t miss this fun tournament where only the best players will play.