New AORUS MASTER 40 Series GPU launched by Gigabyte

New AORUS MASTER 40 Series GPU launched by Gigabyte

5. April 2023 by miranda angeles

The renowned hardware company Gigabyte launches its new GPU model AORUS MASTER 40 Series. These new GPUs will increase the performance of NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace GPUs to a higher level.

The new generation of NVIDIA graphics is the GeForce 40 Series GPUs; these GPUs allow you to get the most out of the best video games on the market. This is possible thanks to GPU technology that allows video games to be played at high frame rates and higher resolutions.

Currently, Gigabyte has presented its version for the 40 series GPUs. However, Gigabyte’s AORUS MASTER models seek to elevate this “next-gen” of the green brand by introducing some improvements. Among the improvements are the following:

  • Optimizing the performance and cooling of these graphics cards.
  • Improve their functionality
  • Increasing their durability

The new generation of graphics cards

Before we get into the details of Gigabyte’s new graphics cards, let’s look at the new generation of NVIDIA GPUs.

The 40 series GPUs are designed to improve gaming performance, decrease power consumption, and increase power over previous models.

But that’s not all; they also introduce new technologies critical for everyone who enjoys playing video games. Of course, the most powerful technology is DLSS 3.

DLSS 3 technology uses AI to rescale game images and smooth them, improving performance without affecting the image to the naked eye.

In addition, DLSS 3 graphics include a piece of hardware called “Frame Generation” with AI that generates 7 out of every 8 pixels we see on our screens; this can increase performance.

Now, let’s talk about Gigabyte’s new GPU models and what new features they are introducing.

Gigabyte’s AORUS MASTER 40 Series GPUs

Gigabyte GPUs include DLSS 3 technology, but we must add the advantages of Gigabyte models that feature:

  • New fan blades
  • Improved surface design for optimized GPU cooling

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Thanks to these features, GPU lifespan is extended, and performance is increased.

The AORUS MASTER uses a bionic shark fan called “WINDFORCE,” which reduces noise by 3dB and increases static pressure by 30%.

This fan model, combined with the heat sink module designed with angled fins, has a much larger surface area and offers better cooling capacity.

But that’s not all; a vapor chamber working with the fans improves thermal performance under difficult circumstances.

Another intriguing feature of AORUS MASTER graphics cards is their dual BIOS design and aerospace-grade PCB coating. Thanks to these features, users can choose between a performance mode and a quiet mode according to individual needs.