New anti-cheating measures for CS2

New anti-cheating measures for CS2

27. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Apparently, cheaters have had access to the game’s data and are already creating some cheats. So Valve has created new anti-cheating measures for the new title version.

The cheating problem that Valve’s title has experienced over the years may continue to occur in the new version of the game. It recently became known that some people had discovered a cheat to make their rivals enter the depths of the maps.

However, in the new version, Valve is apparently taking steps to avoid cheats at all costs.

CS2 cheat

We are aware of the first cheat that CS2 players may be experiencing. Unfortunately, players fall into a way they cannot control in this cheat.

This cheat became known a few hours ago among Reddit users; most users commented that this bug could be associated with other bugs already emerging in the game’s closed beta.

The video was posted by u/johnwilkesbooth328, who gives us an example of the bug. In the video, you can see how players fall out of control, but fortunately, the battle can continue with the possibility of slashing each other until the end of the round.

ah yes, sorze 2
byu/johnwilkesbooth328 inGlobalOffensive

Users quickly labeled the map-breaking incident as a replicability issue. Instead, however, it may have been one of CS2’s earliest tricks.

Grenade underfoot

The trick we are talking about starts when cheaters throw a grenade under their feet. At first glance, it may not seem to be a cheat; however, users have already shown a video where you can see the nature of the cheat.

After the cheating player activates the trick, all players alive in the round suddenly fall without being able to land anywhere. The trick is over when the timer reaches its end, or one player succeeds in killing everyone else with the knife.

Logically, many players thought it worked as a glitch in the game’s closed beta, as other bugs appeared in the testing phase. Among those bugs were the following:

  • Players could shoot without stopping.
  • The new in-game grenade could bounce off walls.

However, it is not a bug but a cheat in this case.

Valve developers take new anti-cheating measures

As we mentioned earlier, the cheating problems over the years in Counter-Strike have made the developers take measures in this new version.

According to data leakers, CS2 includes a new anti-cheating feature that detects cheating in the game and immediately cancels the game. But, unfortunately, it seems that it does not detect cheaters so far.

If the anti-cheating function does not work properly, it may be that the title developers have not yet resolved this issue. However, it may be that it is a bug, and Valve will be able to fix it in a short time.

For the moment, we must wait to know what it is really about, whether it is a flaw of the beta test or a trick.