The Unexpected Outcome: NAVI’s Surprising Performance at IEM Sydney

The Unexpected Outcome: NAVI’s Surprising Performance at IEM Sydney

17. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The CS2 Era for NAVI: A Rocky Start or Just a Bump in the Road?

With the dawn of the CS2 era, fans of NAVI might feel a pang of disappointment based on the team’s recent results. However, diving deeper into the external factors surrounding these results paints a more optimistic picture.

The Absence of s1mple: A Big Blow for NAVI

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One cannot understate the significance of s1mple’s absence from the tournament due to a European residency paper snafu. The void left by one of CS:GO’s most illustrious players forced the team into an unconventional decision: bringing in coach B1ad3 to fill the gap. Given this unexpected change, the team’s commendable performance against the formidable FaZe Clan on October 17th becomes all the more admirable.

Breaking Down the Maps: Overpass and Mirage



While Overpass was admittedly not NAVI’s strongest suit, with FaZe Clan claiming victory with a 13-7 score, it was Mirage that took everyone by surprise. Typically seen as an ‘aim duel’ map, Mirage emphasizes raw skill and gunfight prowess over intricate strategies. Without s1mple, many would have pegged NAVI as the underdog, especially against the skilled lineup of FaZe Clan. Yet, against all odds, NAVI clinched Mirage with a remarkable 13-4 score. A lot of this success can be attributed to Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskiy’s outstanding performance, especially during the T side.

Inferno: The Deciding Factor

The tiebreaker map, Inferno, proved to be a challenge for NAVI. The team struggled, particularly during their T side, securing only three rounds compared to FaZe’s nine. This gap was insurmountable in the end, leading to a 13-7 victory for FaZe.

A Silver Lining for NAVI: More than Just a Score

In the grand scheme of things, the results of a single match might seem insignificant. However, considering the unique challenges faced by NAVI, their performance sends a clear message. Even without their star player, they showcased resilience and skill. It’s quite rare when the team on the losing side of a match garners more attention and respect, but NAVI achieved just that. Their impressive T side on Mirage, minus their ace player, provides a significant moral boost.

The Fall of the King

As the CS2 calendar continues to unfold, NAVI’s performance at IEM Sydney will be remembered as a testament to their spirit and determination. On the other hand, FaZe Clan, while securing the win, might be looking back at the match and contemplating ways to elevate their gameplay in future tournaments.