Nasty defeat of pashaBiceps at MMA debut

Nasty defeat of pashaBiceps at MMA debut

19. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski fought his second MMA fight against a Blogger and was heavily defeated in his MMA debut. He was caught by a fist to the eye and was unable to continue the contest after only one minute!

The 34 year-old ex-CS:GO pro known for his massive biceps while he was playing the first person shooter headed into an MMA career. His first fight was a solid success but this time around everything was different. Marcin Dubiel made quick work of Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski and the fight only lasted 66 seconds! Now pashaBiceps has a MMA record of 1-1.

pashaBiceps’ real MMA debut

Although he already participated in an MMA fight, it was held under boxing rules. Against Marcin Dubiel the rules were official MMA rules, that means, no headgear and barefoot! His younger counterpart was a little too much this time around though and overcame pashaBiceps.

Not even the Spodek Arena was able to fuel pashaBiceps in Katowice, one of his favorite arenas, one could consider it a home-pitch for him. He had enjoyed great success there 9 years ago, winning the Katowice Major. Now he had to suffer a bitter defeat there.

A heavy disappointment after only 1 minute

PashaBiceps came into the ring looking relatively intimidating. He also made a solid impression in his first few punches against his opponent Dubiel, but Dubiel threw wild and undisciplined punches and pashaBiceps couldn’t defend himself effectively. As mentioned the final blow came in on the head and Pasha went down. He wanted to consolidate his position but Dubiel was quick to capitalize on the situation and mounted a guillotine choke.

The referee had to step in and stopped the fight after just 66 seconds! Pasha remained on the ground for several minutes, and the Spodek Arena fell silent in shock. Fortunately, he was back on his feet after the fight was stopped, as you can see in the photos he was ok again and hugged his wife. This certainly was a stark reminder MMA fighting is no joke and can end quickly

Will there be another fight?

Both fighters were matched up on the same level, size and reach, but Dubiel just ran out of the gates and started swinging wildly pashaBiceps couldn’t defen himself effectively and eventually caught the fist to the eye. The aggression was simply too much even though Pasha looked good in the first few seconds of the fight. It may not be the last fight of pashaBiceps, but it will certainly take him a while to recover from this defeat. If and when he will fight his next fight is uncertain so far.