The International 2023: A Tough Year for NA Dota in Seattle  NA’s Rocky Return to Seattle

The International 2023: A Tough Year for NA Dota in Seattle NA’s Rocky Return to Seattle

16. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

NA’s Tough Return to Seattle

In the gaming world, the excitement surrounding The International 2023 was palpable, especially with its grand return to Seattle. However, the anticipated celebration quickly turned into a tough journey for NA Dota teams.

Unexpected Downfalls

Shopify Rebellion, once considered promising candidates, couldn’t clinch an upper bracket start in TI12. Team SoloMid (TSM), another North American favorite, suffered a harsh defeat, losing 0-2 to (VP) – a team that many had written off earlier in the season. The Silent Threat

Coming through the regional qualifiers, VP didn’t manage to secure spots in any of the major tournaments this year. However, this might have been a blessing in disguise. Flying under the radar, they managed a modest 3-5 score in the first phase of the group stage. Despite the odds, this was enough to push them into the second phase. On the contrary, TSM, boasting a second place in Group D, faced defending champions, Tundra Esports.

As the seeding matches commenced, all spotlights were on the NA teams. But the surprises just kept coming.

Decisive Moments: TSM vs

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A key highlight of the tournament was the showdown between TSM and VP. TSM’s strategy hinged on a fast-paced game, hoping to quickly gain an advantage. But VP, showcasing their tactical brilliance, countered TSM right where it mattered most: the laning stage.

The first game saw VP dominate with a barrage of stuns and lockdowns, setting the stage for FNG’s masterclass on Ancient Apparition. This momentum was maintained in the second game, where VP’s Ancient Apparition countered TSM’s support Dazzle and Lifestealer, leading to their decisive victory.

Artsiom “Fng” Barshak, the captain of, commented, “We destroyed them,” highlighting his role in keeping his team confident throughout the tournament.

Current Stance at TI23

With this turn of events, the EEU region boasts two out of the four teams comfortably positioned in the playoff upper bracket. However, it’s not all rosy for EEU as 9pandas continue alive.

For North America, all hopes now rest on the shoulders of nouns. They defeated Tundra esports, the current tournament champion, and continue in competition

Don’t Miss Anything from TI12

The International 2023 is proving to be a roller-coaster, with unexpected turns and thrilling games. While NA Dota fans might be disheartened, the tournament is a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of the game. As for the other teams, the road to victory is still long, and every match is crucial.