Mystic fired from Gen.G for sexual assault allegations

Mystic fired from Gen.G for sexual assault allegations

9. September 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke that Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun had been fired from esports organization Gen.G. The streamer and former professional LoL player was fired after being accused of sexual assault.

Mystic fired from Gen.G over sexual assault allegations

After allegations of sexual assault by Mystic were made public, Gen.G fired him. On September 8, the esports organization terminated its agreement with the former professional LoL player.

The allegations of sexual assault have been made by his former teammate and streamer, Yoo Hye-di. The girl has revealed on social networks all her experiences, where she comments in detail about the coercion and sexual assault she had to suffer.

According to the information revealed by Yoo Hye-di, the 28-year-old player had abused her while she was asleep. However, the girl revealed this abuse and made many accusations against him on social media after this accusation.

Accusations of sexual assault

It is important to note that esports journalist Ashley Kang translated all of Yoo Hye-di’s accusations about Mystic’s sexual assault. The translation shows that Yoo Hye-di and Mystic started a relationship in December 2021 and ended in July 2023.

At the same time, we can read that, in April last year, Mystic found out that Yoo Hye-di became pregnant. This pregnancy was unexpected for the couple because the former LoL player did not use contraception.

The girl later reveals that the player became distant after informing Mystic that she had become pregnant. In addition, she says that whenever they talked about the pregnancy, Mystic disrespected and mistreated Yoo Hye-di. But that’s not all. Yoo Hye-di said that Mystic forced her to have sex while pregnant and even tried to do it while asleep. Yoo Hye-di claims that he did it at least seven times.

On the other hand, Yoo Hye-di comments that during her pregnancy, Mystic made negative comments such as, “Having a child is a big stain on my life,” “I don’t want to have a child, I’d rather be dead.” Yoo Hye-di claims that for a long time, Mystic was very distant from her and was never attentive to her health or the baby’s health. Finally, Yoo Hye-di decided to terminate the pregnancy. In addition, the girl reveals that in all this hard process she is going through, Mystic cheated on her with another girl. As mentioned before, the relationship between Yoo Hye-di and Mystic ended.

After all these accusations were made public, Gen. G’s management decided to end the working relationship with Mystic. Mystic had a career as a professional LoL player from 2013 to 2021. The player is recognized for having won a LoL championship. However, he is currently dedicated to content creation.