MW2 Weapons Receive Significant Buff in MW3 Season 3 Update

MW2 Weapons Receive Significant Buff in MW3 Season 3 Update

6. April 2024 by Never

The latest update in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warzone brings exciting changes to MW2 weapons, enhancing their performance and addressing long-standing visual effects issues. This much-needed adjustment aims to improve gameplay satisfaction and weapon clarity for players.

Visual Effects Overhaul

MW2 weapons were plagued by excessive muzzle smoke and visual recoil, hindering players’ ability to accurately gauge their firing direction. While the intention was to create realism, it adversely affected the gunplay experience. Sledgehammer Games, in response to community feedback, reduced visual effects in MW3. However, the Carry Forward program brought MW2 weapons into MW3 with unchanged visual recoil issues.

Developer Response

Sledgehammer Games acknowledged the problem and took action in MW3 Season 3. They improved clarity during MW2 weapon firing and introduced Initial Aim Accuracy enhancements for heavy bolt Attachments on Snipers.

A side-by-side comparison video showcased the notable reduction in smoke and weapon sway post-patch. Although visual recoil doesn’t affect actual weapon functionality, its presence misled players, leading to missed shots due to overcorrection.

Enhanced Weapon Feel

In addition to reducing visual recoil, the update aims to make weapons feel smoother by refining ADS (Aim Down Sight) idle sway. By removing variance from ADS idle sway, the motion becomes more predictable and consistent. This adjustment elevates the skill ceiling, rewarding players who master their preferred weapons.

Rewarding Gameplay

Players will only experience idle sway punishment if they linger too long while aiming down sights. Quick and precise aiming will be rewarded, encouraging tactical gameplay. These updates elevate the overall feel of MW2 weapons, making them more viable options in both multiplayer and Warzone modes.

MW3 Season 3 Update Enhances MW2 Weapons: Improved Visuals and Gameplay Satisfaction Await Players

The MW3 Season 3 update marks a significant improvement for MW2 weapons, addressing visual effects issues and enhancing gameplay satisfaction. With clearer firing visuals and smoother weapon handling, players can expect an elevated experience in both MW3 and Warzone.