MW2: One player claims to reach Prestige 10 without achieving a single casualty

MW2: One player claims to reach Prestige 10 without achieving a single casualty

6. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Since the launch of Call of Duty, thousands of players have been attracted by the gameplay style and the modes available in the title. So there is a wide range of options for every player.

For example, some players work hard to climb the ranks and play for many hours daily. Then other players log into the game occasionally to distract themselves by playing one of their favorite games. Then, of course, there are other players in between who log in to distract themselves but still want to reach the highest ranks.

You see many skill ranks among many players, from those who can kill all the enemies to those who don’t manage to kill anyone. Today we will talk about a player who has not achieved a single kill in hundreds of games.

An MW2 player claims to reach Prestige 10 without getting a single kill

Yesterday a very peaceful Call of Duty player made a post on Reddit where he showed everyone his combat records; we can all see that they are amazing stats. For example, in the publication on Reddit, you can see how the player has participated in about 700 games over five days and has not achieved a single death.

On the other hand, you can see that he has a win/loss ratio of 2.94 despite having a kill ratio of 0.00. In other words, this player has not killed a single opponent in the game.

Pacifism is still a legitimate strategy. 10th Prestige.
byu/Pilgore1 inModernWarfareII

MW2 Pacifist Player Comments

The player, nicknamed on Reddit as Pilgore1, has commented that his only goal in the game is to shoot everything in the sky. In this way, the player helps his teammates to win the games.

On the other hand, Pilgore1 comments that approximately half of the times he has played the game is solo, while the other half he plays with his friends. The player has even been shown in videos where he tests people who don’t understand how he wins without killing anyone. In the videos, you can see what his pacifist style of play is like.

In addition, Pilgore1 comments that many people underestimate the positive impact on games when a team has someone sitting with a riot shield. A player in that style of play consistently calls UAV/CUAV and, in turn, destroys kill lines.

Many users on Reddit have joined the debate and have been shocked to see Pilgore1’s stats, so the question that has been asked most often is how does he do it and why does it?

Pilgore1’s simplest way of answering all the users was by stating that it is just a video game and that each player doesn’t matter.

With this response from Pilgore1, he has made a reminder of how fleeting the trajectories of players in different video games are.