MSI 2024: BLG Secures Hard-Fought Victory Against PSG Talon

MSI 2024: BLG Secures Hard-Fought Victory Against PSG Talon

9. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a surprising turn of events, BLG faced an intense battle to secure victory against PSG Talon in their debut at MSI 2024.

Thrilling Series in Chengdu

The international League of Legends tournament is in full swing in Chengdu with the Bracket Stage underway. This Thursday, BLG triumphed 3-2 over PSG Talon in a thrilling series, advancing in the MSI 2024. With this win, the Chinese team will face off against the winner between T1 and G2 Esports in the next round.

Journey to the Main Stage

Since May 1st, Chengdu, China, has been buzzing with action from the MSI Play-In. After several days of competition, this phase concluded, leading us into the Main Stage with the top 8 teams. Matches are underway, and the brackets are slowly taking shape.

To kick off the games, Top Esports dominated Team Liquid with a 3-0 victory, followed by Gen.G defeating Fnatic by the same margin a day later. On Thursday, the LPL champions made their debut against PSG Talon, who sailed through the PlayIn stage, aiming to cause an upset.

Standout Performances

While the LPL champions were considered favorites, the Pacific squad had intentions of pulling off a surprise. However, BLG started the series strong and secured a 1-0 lead in just 25 minutes. Despite PSG’s efforts in the second game, Maple’s Aurelion Sol comeback from an 8k gold deficit.

Once again, Bin and company took the lead with a dominating 24minute victory, where Knight and Xun played pivotal roles. With the series tied, PSG Talon pushed hard in the fourth game, led by Betty’s Ezreal (4/1/8) to force a decisive fifth map. Ultimately, BLG demonstrated their expertise, dominating the fifth map and nearly achieving a flawless victory.


In conclusion, BLG and PSG Talon delivered the standout series of MSI 2024 so far, with victory going to the Chinese team. As mentioned earlier, the LPL champions will face the winner of T1 versus G2, while PSG will face the loser. To catch all the live tournament action, tune in to LoL Esports.