MSI 2024: BLG Sends Faker T1 to Lower Bracket

MSI 2024: BLG Sends Faker T1 to Lower Bracket

13. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a thrilling showdown at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2024 (MSI 2024), Bilibili Gaming (BLG) managed to defeat T1, dealing a significant blow to the Korean powerhouse.

Game 1: BLG Dominates Early

BLG set the pace in Game 1, capitalizing on T1‘s mistakes, particularly in the bot lane. The BLG bot lane punished T1‘s errors, creating substantial deficits that persisted until mid-game.

Bin’s Vayne quietly scaled in the side lane, culminating in a remarkable 1v2 outplay against Faker and Zeus. BLG’s accumulated advantages on their carries allowed them to dictate and ultimately secure the game.

Game 2: T1 Strikes Back

T1 rallied in Game 2, taking the initiative with quicker plays. With Faker on Taliyah, T1 focused on affecting and snowballing the side lanes. Despite Bin’s standout moments for BLG, T1 emerged victorious, leveling the series 1-1.

Game 3: BLG’s Aggression Prevails

T1 opted for a scaling strategy in Game 3, drafting Veigar and Senna for Faker and Gumayusi. However, BLG’s aggressive plays resulted in consecutive picks that swung the game in their favor. BLG reached match point after closing out the game decisively.

Game 4: BLG Secures Victory

With their backs against the wall, T1 relied on Faker’s Akali after BLG banned five mid champions. The slowest game of the series saw the pivotal first blood at 19 minutes, which escalated into the series-winning team fight. BLG secured the series victory with a well-executed play.

Following this win, BLG advances to the upper bracket final to face Gen.G Esports, while T1 moves to the lower bracket to battle against Team Liquid for a chance to reach the grand final.

Final Toughts

T1 faces a tough journey through the lower bracket, needing to regroup and strategize for upcoming matches. Meanwhile, BLG showcases their dominance and resilience, setting the stage for an intense upper bracket final against Gen.G Esports.

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