Movistar R7 Aims for Tri-Championship in LLA 2024 with New Roster

Movistar R7 Aims for Tri-Championship in LLA 2024 with New Roster

19. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Movistar R7, the reigning champion of Latin America’s most prestigious League of Legends competition, has announced its roster for the 2024 Opening Season of the Liga Latinoamérica (LLA).

The team is on a quest for its third championship title, introducing key players Summit and Lava from Korea for the top and mid lanes, respectively.

Key Additions: Summit and Lava

  • Summit in Top Lane: A seasoned player with experience in teams like Cloud9, FunPlus Phoenix, and Team Liquid.
  • Lava in Mid Lane: Known for his tenure in the LCK, Lava brings his expertise to Movistar R7’s mid lane.

Retaining Core Players

  • Oddie: Continues as the jungler, bringing stability and skill to the team.
  • Ceo and Lyonz: Remain the duo in the bot lane, expected to continue their impressive performance.


Preparing for the LLA 2024

As the year draws to a close, the competitive season of 2024 is on the horizon. The transfer market is nearly settled, with teams finalizing their lineups. The departure of Team Aze from the league has set high expectations for changes among LLA teams. Movistar R7, with its newly announced roster, is a significant contender in this evolving competitive scene.

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Technical Staff Composition

  • Khynm, Revehaza, and Pointless: This skilled trio will form the backbone of the technical staff, guiding the team in strategy and gameplay.

The Roster Unveiled

Movistar R7 stands as a formidable contender for the LLA 2024, backed by a blend of experienced and dynamic players. With Summit and Lava’s addition and the retention of core players, the team is well-positioned to defend its title and aim for a tri-championship.