Worlds 2023: Movistar R7’s Early Farewell against GAM Esports

Worlds 2023: Movistar R7’s Early Farewell against GAM Esports

13. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The surprise has unfolded at Worlds 2023. Movistar R7, one of the most promising teams, met their fate against GAM Esports, marking their early departure from the League of Legends world championship.


Movistar R7: A favorite that couldn’t shine

The Play-in phase of Worlds 2023 has witnessed intense battles in the Summoner’s Rift. Among them, the clash between Movistar R7 and Gigabyte Marines (also known as GAM Esports) stands out. While the Latin American team started on the right foot, GAM Esports demonstrated dominant strategy, leaving the series at an undeniable 2-0.

Although many backed R7 due to their victory against them at MSI 2023, the Vietnamese team had other plans. From the start, GAM Esports showcased great tactical prowess, seizing each mistake and opportunity.


Match Details: GAM Esports at their peak

The game began favorably for the Latin team. Thanks to a smart move by Sebastián “Oddie” Alonso, the mid lane took the lead. However, Jeong “Mireu” Jo-bin couldn’t keep up the pace. Added to this were the strategic hits from GAM Esports, who did not hesitate to punish R7’s lapses and secure the Hextech Soul.

GAM Esports left no breathing room. Their plays in the top lane exposed Cho “Bong” Bo-woong, whose choice of Gwen didn’t have the expected impact. The Vietnamese team took the advantage in all areas, and Movistar R7’s hope began to fade after a skirmish at the Dragon’s pit.


Movistar R7’s last stand

The Latin team sought to bounce back in the second match, with Oddie taking a more active and aggressive role. Despite their efforts and tactics to buy time, GAM Esports remained steadfast, dominating the game’s economy and securing key objectives like the Baron Nashor and Infernal Soul.

GAM Esports’ final strategy culminated in a team fight that sealed Movistar R7’s fate. With no victories in Worlds 2023, the team’s farewell signifies a moment of reflection for the region.


The First Eliminated

Movistar R7’s performance at Worlds 2023 raises questions about Latin America’s competitive level on the international League of Legends esports stage. While the loss to GAM Esports is a hard blow, it also represents a growth and improvement opportunity. The community and fans eagerly await a strong comeback in upcoming tournaments.