Movistar KOI’s Journey to the Copenhagen Major: Clasificatorias Begin

Movistar KOI’s Journey to the Copenhagen Major: Clasificatorias Begin

18. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Movistar KOI has achieved something extraordinary in esports, uniting the Spanish community and captivating thousands of viewers. This Spanish Counter-Strike team, backed by Ibai, has already made significant strides in CS2.

Ibai expressed his immense pride in being part of such a competitive and passionate electronic sport during a conversation with Xokas.

The Road to the Major: European Qualifiers

Movistar KOI has secured its spot in the European qualifiers for the RMR of the Major, a stage where the world’s top teams compete. However, reaching this point is no small feat.

Intense Qualifying Rounds

From January 18 to 20, Movistar KOI faces stiff competition in the qualifier against formidable European teams like MOUZ, Astralis, Spirit, Entropiq, and Heroic. These teams are seasoned competitors in Majors and Tier S tournaments.

The Swiss Format Explained

  • The qualifier employs a Swiss format over three days.
  • Achieving three victories leads to qualification for the RMR, where 16 teams compete, and 11 advance.

Initial Matchup: Team Spirit

  • Movistar KOI’s first match is against Team Spirit, a tough Bo1 opponent, where the outcome could hinge on the map selection.
  • Remember, elimination matches are Bo3, while others are single-map contests.

Ibai’s Simultaneous Broadcast

Ibai plans to stream the matches concurrently with the Superliga, promising an engaging viewing experience on his channel. High viewer numbers are anticipated, reflecting the growing excitement around Movistar KOI’s journey.


A Spanish Esports Sensation: Movistar KOI

Movistar KOI’s quest towards the Copenhagen Major is a testament to the team’s skill and Ibai’s influence in elevating Spanish esports. Their journey through the qualifiers is not just a series of games; it’s a unifying moment for the esports community, showcasing the passion and competitiveness of CS2.