Analysis: The Most Prized Skins of League of Legends

Analysis: The Most Prized Skins of League of Legends

5. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The world of League of Legends (LoL) is vast and full of surprises, and one of the features that has caught the attention of players the most is skins. Although there are countless options to customize our champions, there are some that have acquired special value, becoming the most desired and expensive. Let’s take a look at the five most expensive and exclusive skins in LoL.

Jax Pax: The Seal of Exclusivity

This skin belongs to a line highly coveted by players. Obtaining one from the PAX theme is a wish for many, but a reality for few. Originally, it was awarded to those who completed certain challenges around the world. Today, it’s almost mythical, with codes emerging occasionally at exorbitant prices. Estimated value: $285.

Championship Riven (2012): Memories of a World Championship

Commemorating the 2012 World Championship, this skin was launched as a special memento for attendees. Today, it remains a status symbol, although its price has fluctuated over the years. Current value: $298.

Rusty Blitzcrank: Beauty in Simplicity

It might not be the flashiest, but its exclusivity makes it desirable. Despite its resemblance to the basic skin, its mysterious withdrawal from the store has made it even rarer and more sought after. Estimated value: $399.

Black Alistar: A Relic from the Past

A testament to the beginnings of LoL, only those who pre-ordered the game can boast about having it. Its age and rarity have made it one of the most expensive on the market. Current value: $549.

Twisted Fate PAX: The Holy Grail of Skins

The crown jewel. This skin is the first of the PAX line and was awarded to the first attendees of an event in 2009. Its age and the fact that only 20,000 players own it make it the most coveted and expensive skin. Current value: $599.

what is really worth

While these skins are a testament to exclusivity and status in the world of LoL, it’s important to remember that the real value of the game lies in skill and camaraderie. Although having a rare skin can be a good conversation starter, true recognition comes from skill in the game and teamwork.