Cr1TiKaL welcomes Ludwig as co-owner of Moist Esports

Cr1TiKaL welcomes Ludwig as co-owner of Moist Esports

27. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

Famous streamer and Youtuber Ludwig will be part of  Cr1TiKaL’s Esports organization Moist Esports. He wont be any ordinary part, but is going to be co-owner! Both of them will fund the teams from their own money!

Ludwig Ahgren is part of the online Influencer scene for a long time already and had numerous stints in competitive gaming already. He and his company Mogul Moves have been hosting Super Smash Bros. tournaments on and off for some time now, with Ludwig funding the whole event and providing some commentary. Now he makes the next step by becoming co-owner of Moist Esports. Ludwig posted a video in which he explained the move and announced everything. Moist Esports was founded 2 years ago by streamer Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White. They were founded two years ago and had quite some success so far. Even though they participate in smaller Esports titles like Rocket League and Smash Bros. Ultimate, they also feature an Apex Legends team and play Guilty Gear Strive.

No money despite success

The organization is different from many of its competitors. At one point it is run by an influencer, or now two influencers if you count Ludwig, and also Moist has had great success in esports but has not been able to generate much financial return. Ludwig and Cr1TiKaL made fun of that situation by burning money in the video as a metaphor for their expenses. Many esports organizations are battling with the question how to monetize their fanbases and success. Recently FaZe Clan announced that Porsche will be their partner moving forward. Sponsorship deals are important but they aren’t the only way to make money.

For now Ludwig and Cr1TiKaL are ok with not making money because they care so much about the project. Also Ludwig made a point about how Esports organizations are “subsidized by venture capitalists who will probably get fed up in three to five years if none of them are profitable.” Which is definitely true and also a problem for the competitive scene, in case those venture capitalists pull out, or big partners jump ship the whole team crumbles. But thats not an esport-exclusive issue, also traditional sports teams are facing those challenges.

Good results first step

Having good results is the first step and Moist has already won a Rocket League Major and a Smash Major championship, so it’s not looking too shabby! Together with more reach through Ludwig joining the board could lead to more successes in the future. Ludwig has also been ramping up his esports efforts lately, recently hosting the Ludwig x Tarik VALORANT Invitational, among other events. So hosting tournaments themselves is also a good option.