Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion Join Forces to Create a VALORANT Team

Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion Join Forces to Create a VALORANT Team

22. September 2023 by miranda angeles

It was recently announced that Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion have joined forces to create a VALORANT team and participate in the upcoming NA VALORANT Challengers season.


The new season of NA VALORANT Challengers will be really interesting. A new team arrives at the competition to show its full potential. This new team is the MxS, a combined team representing Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion. The MxS team, developed jointly between these two organizations, already has its brand on social media.

Now, both organizations have used their social networks to publish a press release and a video detailing the union between Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellion and the creation of this new team. In the video posted by Ludwig Ahgren, co-owner of Moist Esports, he stated the reason for joining Moist Moguls players with Shopify Rebellion players. Recall that both organizations had already created the Lobster Fishers mixed squad, which has been successful.

Therefore, both organizations decided to work together and create the new MxS template to include the players in question. In addition, they avoid imposing restrictions on the players to decide which organization they want to represent. According to the information disclosed by Ahgren, MxS is now a joint organization of two companies where Shopify’s financial support will greatly help Ahgren achieve great goals with this new team.

Goals of the new MxS team

On the other hand, Ahgren, in the video, has also revealed that the goal of this new team is to win the NA Challengers in 2024 and to be able to get a place in the VCT Americas. But things don’t end there; both organizations wish to reach the top of VALORANT esports.

It is interesting to see how Ahgren and MxS want to challenge Riot Games’ VCT promotion system. Remember that this system allows promoted teams to stay a maximum of two seasons in the league. According to Ahgren, this system is not good, so having a dominant team in the VCT Americas may make Riot Games change its strategy. Ahgren sees the potential success of MxS as a way to put pressure on Riot’s system.

Ahgren commented as follows:

“The goal of MxS is to win Ascension, then become the best tier one team in VALORANT. This way, Riot Games can’t kick us out of VCT Americas.”

This information was made public shortly after Shopify Rebellion announced that it had purchased TSM’s spot in the North American LoL League. That organization already has teams from LoL, VALORANT, Rocket League, StarCraft, Dota 2, and Halo. Moist Esports has teams from Apex Legends, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros.