Modern Warfare III Multiplayer: Upcoming Changes and Community Queries

Modern Warfare III Multiplayer: Upcoming Changes and Community Queries

21. November 2023 by Never

Sledgehammer Games is actively shaping the post-launch content of CoD: Modern Warfare III, focusing on multiplayer and zombie modes. Amidst this development, a persistent question from the Modern Warfare 2019 era remains unanswered.

Multiplayer Updates: New Developments and Unanswered Queries

In a Reddit Q&A session, Sledgehammer Games addressed various player concerns about the latest FPS in the franchise. This interaction revealed upcoming changes and content for Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer mode, known for its refined gameplay from Modern Warfare II.

Key Changes and Features:

  • Non-Disbanding Lobbies: Players can now team up with previous adversaries, enhancing gameplay continuity.
  • Experimental and 24/7 Playlists: These playlists offer fixed maps and new playing experiences.
  • Content Additions: Expect classic weapons from the original Modern Warfare trilogy, new maps, and the return of popular ones like Shipment.

Omissions and Adjustments:

  • No DLC Terrains from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2: These will not be featured in Modern Warfare III.
  • No Third-Person or 1v1 Modes: Currently not included but may be considered later.
  • Gameplay Balancing: Adjustments in kill streak loops and reductions in the power of fragmentation grenades, suppression mines, and the RGL-80 grenade launcher.
  • Aesthetic Tweaks: Final kill camera, HUD, and Gaia skin modifications, addressing controversies from Modern Warfare II and Warzone Season 6.

The Unresolved SBMM Question

The Reddit Q&A repeatedly highlighted a significant community concern: the fate of Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) in Modern Warfare III. Sledgehammer Games has yet to announce any changes or removal of this system, leaving the community in suspense over its continued impact on casual gameplay competitiveness.

Modern Warfare III: New Multiplayer Features and SBMM Debate

The anticipation for Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer mode is high, with players eager to experience the new additions and hoping for a resolution to the longstanding SBMM issue. As the game evolves, the community’s feedback remains a crucial aspect of its ongoing development.