Modern Warfare III Multiplayer Review: A Polished Nostalgia Trip

Modern Warfare III Multiplayer Review: A Polished Nostalgia Trip

14. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is now available, offering an experience that feels familiar yet refined. We delve into its multiplayer aspect, which stands out as a polished version of its predecessor, Modern Warfare II, with notable adjustments.

Tweaking the Past: Modern Warfare II’s Evolutions

Sledgehammer Games addressed some of Modern Warfare II’s limitations, enhancing the combat experience. Key changes include increased health, reintroduction of sliding mechanics, varied kill times, and more dynamic minimap engagements. The result? Fast-paced operator clashes, heightened mobility, and an evolution of strategy.

The Armory: Unlocks and Camouflages

call of duty mw3 maps favela

The game introduces an array of camouflages and a rewarding yet challenging armory unlock system. Weapons and resources like field upgrades and kill streaks are tied to daily challenges, making the acquisition process gratifying yet demanding.

A Blend of Eras

Modern Warfare III excels in integrating elements from different eras. The weapon roster is expanded with classics like the ACR (MCW), CX-9 (RIVAL-9), and Uzi (WSP-9), along with content crossover from Modern Warfare II. However, some of these additions still await balancing.


Operator Menu and Maps: The Cherry on Top

All operators from Modern Warfare II are available, enhancing the game’s versatility. Additionally, the 16 remastered base maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 are a highlight, offering frenetic battles across familiar modes.

The Flip Side: Game Modes

CoD Modern Warfare III Operadores

While classic modes and the new Massacre mode shine, others like Ground War and Invasion feel more like Battlefield adaptations, offering extended battles with larger teams. The return of War mode from WWII is promising but currently feels limited.

Take a Look!

Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer is arguably the most robust aspect of the game. It effectively expands on the groundwork laid by Modern Warfare II, introducing mobility, remastered maps, and classic modes. While it refines Infinity Ward’s creations for a more entertaining gameplay experience, it falls short in bringing technical and visual advancements, relying heavily on recycled nostalgia.