Modern Warfare III: First Impressions of Multiplayer

Modern Warfare III: First Impressions of Multiplayer

16. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

A new installment arrives in the iconic series, and the gaming world is gearing up to welcome Modern Warfare III with open arms. We decided to dive into the experience of the second beta, and we bring you a detailed analysis of what it left us.

What does this new title offer us?

The magic behind Modern Warfare III is Sledgehammer Games’ ability to enhance what was already great in its predecessor. The characteristic gameplay of Modern Warfare II gets a polish that makes it smoother and more modern.

The beta allowed us to particularly analyze the PC version, thanks to a code provided by Activision. And yes, the similarities with Modern Warfare II are palpable, but the strategic changes in combat, especially in the mobility of the operators, have revolutionized the experience.

Refined Gameplay Mechanics

CoD Modern Warfare III Skidrow

The addition of mobility improvements, such as the increase in tactical sprint time and versatility in sliding, offers a more immersive and dynamic combat sensation. Perhaps one of the most notable aspects was the implementation of the tactical position, an intermediate option between hip firing and aiming that enhances our agility on the battlefield.

Weaponry: Innovation and Tradition

CoD Modern Warfare 3 Armeria

The arsenal feels familiar, following the line of Modern Warfare II. However, the new additions, such as the implementation of Spare Parts, add an extra dimension to strategy. An example of this is the JAK Ferocity kit, transforming the Renetti into a versatile submachine gun for emergencies.

Maps: A Nostalgic and Modern Journey

The adaptability of the combat terrains is a success. From the return of classics like Rust or Favela to the presentation of modes like Massacre, Modern Warfare III seeks to offer a versatile and exciting experience in each game.

An Approved Beta

We are facing a proposal that seeks to listen to the community. Sledgehammer seems determined to improve those aspects that the saga’s fans were loudly requesting. While the gameplay reminds us of Modern Warfare II, the game feels fresh, taking the best from the franchise.

The launch on November 10th will decide the fate of Modern Warfare III. Remember that we are still looking at a beta, and many features can evolve towards the final version. In addition, we are eagerly awaiting the debut of the campaign and zombies in this universe.