Modern Warfare III: Cryptid Training Ground Challenges and Rewards

Modern Warfare III: Cryptid Training Ground Challenges and Rewards

15. February 2024 by Never

Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare III has introduced a thrilling new event, the Cryptid Training Ground, celebrating the arrival of four operators disguised as powerful monsters. Unlike other games that concluded their Valentine’s Day events, Call of Duty chose to embark on a completely different path by opening the doors to the Cryptid Training Ground for all players.

Event Details

Through a recent update, the first-person shooter (FPS) has unveiled its limited-time ceremony with cryptic rewards, available until February 28th. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with a weapon blueprint for the Sidewinder, equipped with the JAK Thunder Light Machine Gun Spare Part.

Cryptid Training Ground Challenges and Rewards

Cernunnos Weapon Sticker

  • Challenge: Obtain 20 operator kills with Throwing Knives (MWIII).
  • Reward: Cernunnos Weapon Sticker.

Heralds Calling Card

  • Challenge: Achieve 50 one-shot operator kills with Sniper Rifles (MWIII).
  • Reward: Heralds Calling Card.

Profetic Crush Amulet

  • Challenge: Secure 40 operator kills using the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit Spare Part with the Threat Detection System and Stalker Boots (MWIII).
  • Reward: Profetic Crush Amulet.

Bigfoot Assault Calling Card

  • Challenge: Secure 2 operator kills with a Shotgun or Melee Weapon in one life, 15 times (MWIII).
  • Reward: Bigfoot Assault Calling Card.

Those Beautiful Eyes Emblem

  • Challenge: Achieve 75 operator kills with a Silencer equipped using the Ghost Camouflage T/V Perk (MWIII).
  • Reward: Those Beautiful Eyes Emblem.

We Believe in You Big Sticker

  • Challenge: Destroy 20 enemy equipment or killstreaks with the Stormender Weapon (MWIII).
  • Reward: We Believe in You Big Sticker.

Lake Monster Emblem

  • Challenge: Obtain 20 operator melee kills while in smoke (MWIII).
  • Reward: Lake Monster Emblem.

Final Reward

Upon completing all 7 challenges, players will receive the Sidewinder Weapon Blueprint.

Monster-themed Operators

In addition to the challenges and rewards, the Cryptid Training Grounds pays homage to four operators disguised as powerful monsters. Currently, two skins are available for purchase in the store – Ciervobot for Alpine and Nessie for Pathfinder. The release dates for the remaining two, assigned to Jabber and Scorch, are yet to be announced.