Modern Warfare III and Warzone: The Boys’ Siege Challenges and Rewards

Modern Warfare III and Warzone: The Boys’ Siege Challenges and Rewards

1. February 2024 by Never

As Modern Warfare III and Warzone gear up for Season 2, players have a unique opportunity to experience the thrills of “The Boys: Siege of the Supers.” This event, inspired by the popular Amazon Prime series, offers exciting challenges and exclusive rewards.

Exciting Event Dynamics

This limited-time event celebrates the collaboration with Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” series. Similar to recent events like “Super Takedown,” players can earn a variety of rewards by completing tasks in both games, except the Zombies mode.

Challenges and Rewards

Homelander Protects America Visiting Card

  • MWIII: Get 1 operator down with Thermal Vision in The Boys mode.
  • Warzone: Get 5 operator downs (Warzone).

Vought News Network Emblem

  • MWIII: Disable 20 pieces of equipment using DDOS.
  • Warzone: Make 15 purchases at supply stations (Warzone).

Battle Pass Level Skip Token

  • MWIII: Get 45 operator downs using the MTZ-762.
  • Warzone: Get 15 operator downs with tactical rifles (Warzone).

Local Team Slogan Large Sticker

  • MWIII: Get 2 operator downs in a single life using the Excess Media Vest 5 times.
  • Warzone: Get 10 operator downs with headshots (Warzone).

Timothy Charm

  • MWIII: Get 15 operator downs using dual weapons.
  • Warzone: Loot 30 supply boxes (Warzone).

Double XP Token

  • MWIII: Get 7 operator downs using lethal equipment.
  • Warzone: Win three matches in the Gulag (Warzone).

Final Reward for completing all 6 challenges

  • Exclusive weapon project for the TAQ Eradicator.

The Boys: Siege of the Supers

Alongside the new challenge, all “The Boys” themed bundles have been established in the Modern Warfare III and Warzone store. This includes the return of the Black Noir, Homelander, and Starlight bundles, part of the content transfer system for DMZ and Modern Warfare II. Additionally, new sets for A-Train and Firecracker.