Modern Warfare III and Warzone – The Boys’ Rewards: Vought Week

Modern Warfare III and Warzone – The Boys’ Rewards: Vought Week

26. January 2024 by Never

Modern Warfare III and Warzone’s Season 1 Reloaded continues to roll out new content in its final weeks, including “The Boys: Vought Week” rewards. This unique event brings a second consecutive themed camouflage, a reverse version of Vought International from Modern Warfare II.

Limited-Time Event: Play to Earn Cosmetics and Superhero Weapon Camouflage

Available until January 31st, this limited-time event in both FPS games offers a chance to earn more cosmetics from Amazon Prime’s series and the exclusive Superhero weapon camouflage. Players can accumulate XP through playing matches and completing daily and weekly challenges.

Vought Week Event: Now Live in MWIII

Earn XP to unlock rewards, including the unique Superhero weapon camouflage, courtesy of Vought International!

Rewards in The Boys: Vought Week for Modern Warfare III and Warzone:

  • 10000 XP: American Hero Weapon Decal
  • 23600 XP: Double XP Token
  • 42100 XP: Vought Criminal Analysis Large Sticker
  • 67250 XP: Double Weapon XP Token
  • 101460 XP: Compound V Charm
  • 148000 XP: Soldier Boy Shield Large Sticker
  • 211300 XP: Vought International Emblem
  • 297350 XP: Laser Baby Calling Card
  • 414350 XP: Double Battle Pass XP Token
  • 573500 XP: Superheroes Camouflage

Like the Arena and Spice or Magma camouflages, players need to collect substantial XP to unlock all rewards. Your progress in the event depends on your score and victory/defeat status at the end of each match. Additionally, a special bonus of 2500 XP is available for playing with the operator A-Train, available in the store for 2400 CP.

Upcoming Collaboration Parts: The Boys with Modern Warfare III and Warzone

Stay tuned for more collaboration between The Boys and Modern Warfare III and Warzone. The upcoming Firecracker cosmetic pack, featuring one of the new members of The Seven as an operator, will soon be released. Also, look out for the return of Black Noir with his dark designs, including Noir Swords for the dual kodachis.