Modern Warfare III and Warzone: Embrace the Power of Dune in a Special Event

Modern Warfare III and Warzone: Embrace the Power of Dune in a Special Event

14. December 2023 by Never

Modern Warfare III and Warzone, two acclaimed FPS games, have recently launched a special event featuring themed cosmetics in their second collaboration with Villeneuve’s movie adaptation.

Season 6: A Groundbreaking Collaboration with Dune: Part Two

The collaboration began in Season 6 of Modern Warfare II and Warzone, introducing the Sardaukar as affiliates to KorTac. Now, Modern Warfare III and the battle royale genre are set to continue this journey. Not only are they launching two main protagonists as operators in the Call of Duty universe, but they are also introducing a unique event.

Unlock Animated Weapon Camouflages and Cosmetics Until December 20

Players can obtain themed cosmetics and the animated Arena and Spice weapon camouflage, representing the upcoming movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel. Collecting XP will be essential, achievable through playing numerous matches and completing daily and weekly challenges.

Dune: Test of Power Event Rewards in Modern Warfare III and Warzone

  • 10,000 XP: Paul Atreides Decal
  • 21,600 XP: Double XP Token
  • 35,000 XP: Large Feyd-Rautha Sticker
  • 50,700 XP: Double Weapon XP Token
  • 68,800 XP: Sandworm Amulet
  • 89,800 XP: Long Live the Warriors Decal
  • 114,100 XP: Master Hook Emblem
  • 142,400 XP: Broken Kris Calling Card
  • 175,200 XP: Double Battle Pass XP Token
  • 213,200 XP: Arena and Spice Camouflage

Special Bonuses and Upcoming Collaborations

Players must earn substantial XP to unlock all rewards. Scores and match outcomes contribute to progress. A bonus of 1,000 XP is available when playing with the Paul Atreides skin, which is sold in the store with a 2,400 CP price tag and includes dual Kodachi Criscuchillos.

The collaboration with Dune: Part Two continues with the upcoming Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen cosmetic pack, featuring the movie’s main antagonist as an operator and including designs for his iconic blades for the Ripper Knife.

Convergence of Titans: The Call of Duty and Dune Crossover Event

This event is a unique opportunity for fans of both Call of Duty and Dune to immerse themselves in a world where cinema and gaming intersect. Don’t miss out on these exclusive rewards and the chance to participate in an event that uniquely blends the essences of two iconic universes.