Modern Warfare II and Warzone: Unveiling “The Curse” Event

Modern Warfare II and Warzone: Unveiling “The Curse” Event

18. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Step into the spine-chilling settings of both FPS games as they mark the Halloween celebration.

The Spooky Mid-Season Update

As season 6 of CoD: Modern Warfare II and Warzone approaches its mid-point, it’s time for “The Curse” to be unleashed. Gamers can now merge seamlessly with the shadows, confronting hordes of zombies and some legendary bosses.

The time-limited event paints both FPS games with a terrifying ambiance. Recent collaborative character additions have already spiced up the battles, with names like Alucard from Hellsing, Lilith from Diablo IV, and Skeletor from Masters of The Universe. Soon, fans can expect the inclusion of Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) and Inarius (Diablo IV).

Highlights from “The Curse” in Modern Warfare II and Warzone:

Modern Warfare II

Ghastly Themed Maps

  • The Asylum
  • Embassy

Haunted Game Modes

  • Trick or Treat (Drop Zone)
  • The Curse’s Pit 24/7 Playlist (Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hard Work)
  • Zombie Infected (Infected)

Limited-Time Resources

  • The Curse version Decoy Grenade
  • The Curse version Suppression Mine


Objective Deployments

  • Swamp Creature, The Butcher, The Pharaoh, Wicked Spirits, UFO, and Ghost Train

Night Variant Maps

  • Al Mazrah

New Points of Interest

  • Marshlands and Parted seas in Vondead
  • Haunted Setting and Zombie Quarantine

Time-Limited Modes

  • Operation Nightmare (Battle Royale and DMZ)
  • Zombies Royale (Al Mazrah and Vondead)

Limited-Time Resources

  • Enchanted Box
  • Bloodseeker Grenade

Rewards to Grab

Objective Hunt

  • Complete five out of the six challenges to secure the Lío Sangriento weapon blueprint for the BAS-P.

Soul Exchange

  • An array of cosmetics including the Alien Death Pistol weapon blueprint for the .50 GS and Violent End for the Vaznek-9k.
  • Unlocking 10 items guarantees the Candy skin for operator Roze.
  • Unlocking 15 items secures the Tricks skin for operator König.
  • A 10-day login streak rewards the Nightmare Sweats weapon blueprint for the Bryson 800.

Upcoming Rewards

  • Set to be available from October 24th, these include several cosmetics and a universal camo for your weapons.

Enjoy “The Curse”

Engage in the world of Modern Warfare II and Warzone during this haunting event. Dive deep into the new additions, enjoy the eeriness, and reap the rewards while they last.