Level Up Quickly in Modern Warfare 3: A Gamer’s Guide to Speedy Progression

Level Up Quickly in Modern Warfare 3: A Gamer’s Guide to Speedy Progression

19. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The much-anticipated launch of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) is finally here, and avid Call of Duty players are eager to ascend the ranks swiftly. Let’s dive into the most effective tactics for maximizing XP and accelerating your rank progression in MW3.

Optimal Game Modes for Maximum XP Gain


  • Ground War for Abundant Opportunities: With its large player count and five flags to capture, Ground War is a top choice for rapid XP accrual. The mode offers numerous chances for attack and defense kills near flags, which are worth extra XP.
  • Search and Destroy for High-Stakes Play: For players confident in their abilities, Search and Destroy’s slower pace is offset by higher XP per kill.
  • Kill Confirmed for Fast-Paced Action: If you prefer intense, quick gameplay, Kill Confirmed is ideal. Picking up tags in this mode is particularly lucrative in terms of XP.

Scorestreaks Over Killstreaks


  • Encouraging Objective Play: Switching to Scorestreaks motivates players to focus on objectives, which naturally leads to faster XP gain.
  • UAV and Counter UAV as Key Choices: These Scorestreaks not only aid in locating enemies but also grant 50 XP for each team kill while active, especially beneficial in Ground War due to the higher player count.

Fast Track to the Top in MW3

Implementing these strategies in Modern Warfare 3 will significantly enhance your leveling speed, allowing you to unlock the best weapons and gear in the game promptly. Remember, success in MW3 isn’t just about raw skill but also about smart playstyle choices that maximize your XP gain.